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Make money online_3 will move us forward from Step 1 that took some time because there was background material we had to cover. We did not want to leave any stone unturned. They are necessary before moving on to Step 2 which is finding out what problems people have on the chosen tropic. Remember? We covered choosing the correct profitable topic in Step 1.

To find the problem people have in Step 2, go to the forums of the topic you chose. Search for the chosen topic + forum and you will get a list to check out. The first ten choices are the busiest forums. Try to sign up there and find out what people are asking and talking about.

You can also do a search in Google Groups and Yahoo Groups on the topic of your choice and find communities that will assure you that the audience you’re targeting is reachable online and that there are people there who have desperate problems on your topic. This will assure you that there is a market for the niche that you have chosen in step 1.

Only after the above are to your satisfaction that you can make money online_3, are we ready to move on to Step 3. What is step 3, you asked? To put simply, this step involves finding a product that will solve the problems you found in Step 2. I think it’s time to do a recap, don’t you?

  • Step 1 is find a profitable niche.
  • Step 2 is find the problems people have on that topic.
  • Step 3 is find a suitable affiliate product.

Now this is the fun part. We will find a product we can sell and not a physical product for now but a digital one. The largest seller of this is Here you will find products that covert but really it is not easy to find these products but there are some tips. I don’t know though if we can finish this topic during this session because I have been told not to go over 500 words.

One thing for sure, once you find the right products, they will lead to sales assuming that you will do this step and the other steps diligently. I remember feeling ecstatic when I made my first sale there. I thought I had died and had gone to heaven. That was proof to me that it is possible to make money online_3.

Okay, here’s what we are going to do. We will start with the five tips on choosing the affiliate link at Clickbank next time because I hate to start with one and not finish the rest. Remember, anytime you get stuck on any of these steps, you can call on me but if you need help, I will have to charge you a measly $10 an hour.

Compared to the top gurus, that’s miniscule because they charge anywhere from $500 up. The only reason I will charge you is because I will have to stop working on my website and that will make me lose some money. So I hope you understand. Otherwise, just wait till you get to the rest of the steps after this one on make money online_3.

Please sign up for alerts and tips on top or at the bottom of this page which you will get every week. You would not want to miss that as it will be full of ideas on debt reduction, wealth building and the like. If you want to make any comments or other feedback, please fill in the contact form below so I can send you my email address. This is to avoid spam.

If you want to make any comments or other feedback, please fill in the contact form below so I can send you my email address. This is to avoid spam.

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