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To remortgage bad debt, I presume you want to be able to change it to one with a payment that is easier to handle. The trouble with this scenario is you get deeper into debt. Why? Just think of the people you have to pay to make the changes. Maybe a lawyer, the bank or institution that carries the mortgage and there are other closing costs to handle.

Why not remortgage the bad debt this way? I know it involves some sacrifices on the family as a whole but you will feel better in the long run. For every year of mortgage payment, add an extra payment. I know you may think I am out of it, but remember we are trying to get you out of debt and into wealth.

It involves some sacrifices but you can do it. There must be a lot of junks in your house you can sell. Get a garage sale going or sell some of those stuff at eBay and pretty soon you will find an extra month of payment. Call me crazy, but I will prove to you I am not.


You can cut five years off your mortgage payment and then you do not have to remortgage bad debt. Here's how we will do it. Say you have a 30-year mortgage at fixed rate and your monthly payment is $1200.00. Now you're laughing at me for you're saying where in the heck will I get the extra $1200?

Before we continue, I know some of you are getting hurt. It is not easy to remember everything we have to do. There is the job to go to that consumes eight hours every day. Then we have to look after the home and family. So all of us really need reminders from time to time. Not only that for there are four steps in the learning process to go through before we can follow instructions.

Unless we get a coach or a guru which is expensive. Besides, the concept of "who do we listen to" is very important. It has to be someone who has been there and gone through the stages and has gotten the results we are aiming for. And it has to be someone with a heart and not just out to get our money. And these days, it is difficult to know for sure because it seems like every Tom, Dick, and Harry can say he can help. So that leaves us the only other thing we can employ and that is through repetitions.

So to do my good deed, I am going to offer a five-day mini course to remind you of some specific things that will help manage the debt. You can be reminded exactly what to do from day to day and year to year on things we sorely need so we do not forget some essentials.

As a bonus, after the five-day mini course, you will get alerts and tips just in case there are new things you need to know. The most you will get is once a week and you can always unsubscribe anytime. Those who are already subscribed to the alert and tips can unsubscribe so they will not receive it twice or delete one each time. There will be an unsubscribe button at the end of every mail you receive.

This is what you do to remortgage bad debt. Send in an extra $100 a month. And in twelve months that will total, quick do the math. No, I don't need a calculator for something as simple as that. Silly me, that's a total of $1200 that will make an extra month of payment. Now who has the last laugh, huh? So you see, no one needs to know you can cut your goal of extra payment into little pieces.

And you know what? If your interest rate is around 6%, you will save a whopping $54,000 in interest. Now will that not make you feel good all over? You have no need to fret about whether you have to remortgage the bad debt for you have it under control with some sacrifices of course.

What are these sacrifices? Let's see. You don't need an extra cell phone; get rid of one of them. You want to eat out with your friends at the office? You don't have to. Brown bagging the lunch will go a long way for your financial and physical health, I must say. And on top of that it will help in the bad debt consolidation remortgage process.

Going to those football games or any sport games? Watch those games in the comfort of your own home. Or better still have a board game with the whole family. Good for bonding. And no, don't go out and buy a brand new board game. Go to the flea market and buy one there. You're not only showing how financially savvy you are but also you're helping the environment. And helping to do with the process to remortgage bad debt.

And whatever you do, don't let the lender talk you into adding more debt and lengthening your mortgage. Check also if there is a pre-payment penalty clause in your contract because if there is, you may have to rethink this strategy.

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Some may even scare you into thinking you will lose the tax breaks. Don't even think it because most of those tax breaks are during the first years of the mortgage. Besides some have been hit by the Alternative Minimum Tax partly because of these tax breaks.

The important thing is you and your family's financial health. Most of the time, it is just a matter of making the correct moves and not to listen to the hypes. Pretty soon, you won't even have to think to remortgage the bad debt because you will have it under control.

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