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Debt management information is all over the place but one has to learn to separate the sheep from the goats. Sift through them and see which ones really are helpful and serious to getting one out of debt and into wealth. This website, for instance, will be such a guide; just look at the navigation buttons and they will clearly show the steps to take one from debt into wealth. But if you're in a hurry, go to Unlock The Secrets To Financial Freedom.

The top debt management information is to control the situation by cutting up the credit cards. People who do not want to do this need serious help because they still do not understand that this is the worst debt one can carry. Getting into this kind of debt shows disrespect for the money.

Before we continue, I know some of you are getting hurt. It is not easy to remember everything we have to do. There is the job to go to that consumes eight hours every day. Then we have to look after the home and family. So all of us really need reminders from time to time. Not only that for there are four steps in the learning process to go through before we can follow instructions.

Unless we get a coach or a guru which is expensive. Besides, the concept of "who do we listen to" is very important. It has to be someone who has been there and gone through the stages and has gotten the results we are aiming for. And it has to be someone with a heart and not just out to get our money. And these days, it is difficult to know for sure because it seems like every Tom, Dick, and Harry can say he can help. So that leaves us the only other thing we can employ and that is through repetitions.

So to do my good deed, I am going to offer a five-day mini course to remind you of some specific things that will help manage the debt. You can be reminded exactly what to do from day to day and year to year on things we sorely need so we do not forget some essentials.

As a bonus, after the five-day mini course, you will get alerts and tips just in case there are new things you need to know. The most you will get is once a week and you can always unsubscribe anytime. Those who are already subscribed to the alert and tips can unsubscribe so they will not receive it twice or delete one each time. There will be an unsubscribe button at the end of every mail you receive.

If it is absolutely essential that one carries a credit card, then by all means get one with the stipulation that it has to be paid in full monthly. But before doing this, call the credit company to lower the limit. A limit of $500 to $1000 will do if this is all one can pay in full monthly. This is a debt management information one can use to get on the right track.

There are credit tools available that if one handles them with care, they will last and be of help for a lifetime. Think of a hammer, a tool one will need to hang up a treasured family picture on the wall. If one will not use that hammer carefully, one could end up with a sore thumb for days. The credit tools are the same thing. One has to handle them with care.

For instance, to buy a big ticket item, it won't be wise to put it on a credit card where the full balance will not be paid when the bill comes. Why? Because it will incur the highest interest rate. It will just be some kind of a financial cover-up like keeping up one's image of being able to buy anything.

If you want to learn more about this issue, you might want to check out the common sense debt secrets. There are some simple common secrets they want to share on getting out of debt. They say you can have more money and feel good about yourself. Check out your first step to financial freedom.

This is what it means to do the right thing. It is wise to understand not only how to earn money but also how to spend it. And if there comes a time that a need for credit is necessary, then by all means get the credit, but get it right.

The first thing to do if you have the right debt management information is to take stock of the debts. Don't let anybody else say otherwise. Make a list of all the debts and write them down in descending order according to the interest rate paid. Here's a sample:

Debts in Descending Order
Creditor Amount Owed Interest Payment
Visa $5000 22% $200
Store $4500 18% $180
Gas $2000 15% $100
Dad $8000 0%


Once the payment is late, call the creditor and explain why the payment is late. Don't be shy about it. They already know there is not enough money to pay the bill or the phone call would not have occurred. It is best to be the one to call the creditor first instead of the other way around.

Then call the visa provider to tell them the plan to switch to another card that will give a better rate of interest. Negotiate with them and often a lower interest rate will be offered. If no offer is made then switch to another credit card provider. This is one debt management information one can live with. There are others and they will be reported in the next pages to avoid information overload.

Debt Management Information and Advice

Debt management information will show that debt is not a negative thing if used wisely. If it is something that will pay dividends later like education and a home, then debt can be an asset. To know whether it is wise to go into debt is to determine if the debt you are getting will produce some kind of income for you.

The trouble is that most of us incur debt on consumer goods like clothes that lose value as soon as we buy them. It's best to pay cash for these items. A car is a different matter for we cannot pay cash for this but check its resale value so you will buy the vehicle that will return the most money for you when you decide to sell it.

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