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Credit debt management will be faced squarely after we have discussed the pitfalls of loan application. You have all the questions to ask to make sure the loan is to your best interest but don't sign on the dotted line yet because we have some studying to do. We learned to prioritize the debts. Now it's time to learn more.

The important thing is to realize that we have to fix the problem. Don't do what some people do like throwing the bills into the garbage or putting them in the bottom drawer under lock and key. Believe you me, this is not the way to solve the credit debt management problem.

Instead, talk to the people from whom you borrowed the money. Tell them what the situation is whether you have been injured, or you or someone in the family has been sick or you have just been laid off. Talking to them will help you get going with a repayment plan. This is a much better way of handling the credit debt management.


Or do what this man did. He had quite a bit of credit card debt, I mean high, really high. Can you believe he brought it down to zero? So I bought this to try it for you and it looks like it has some merit. And for less than $10 it may help you with some ideas to lower your credit card balance like this person did. Try it and see how it can work for you.

There are twenty-eight pages in all that will show you how he actually got to erase his credit card debt. I think they will give you a refund if you decide after reading it that it is not for you. Or better still, just read the one I bought to see if it will work for you.

So you have talked to the lenders and tried a few things, then what? You may choose to consolidate your debt. Before you do so, do some studying first. I know how easy it is for someone with different debts and an assortment of interest rates to be encouraged to consolidate the loan. Especially if they will say you will pay at a lower interest rate, lower payment and deal only with one payment at a time.

Consolidation as a strategy is sometimes a good thing. Let me show this way. Combine the credit card debt with the mortgage and of course instead of paying a double digit interest rate, it is easy to get a single digit interest rate. And that lower single payment every month may be what will solve the problem of meeting the commitment every month.

But wait! There are dangers involved in consolidation. You may have just solved the current problem of being able to meet your commitment and in a much simpler way, but if the problem that brought you to this stage is not addressed, you may end up worse than when you took the consolidation route. How, you asked? Well, if you continue spending the way that brought you here, then chances are you will gather more debts.

What is one to do then? Well, you are paying a lower amount of payment with the consolidation, right? Why not save the money that is the difference between what you were paying before consolidation and the one after? Use the money you saved by making additional payment to the consolidation loan. You will then shorten the time you have to pay off the new loan. You can then be proud of the way you're handling the credit debt management.

Credit Debt Management, Paying Minimum Incurs Maximum Cost Credit Debt Management does not mean one can pay the minimum because this will just incur maximum cost. Sometimes the credit car providers will cut us some slack by allowing us to skip payment or pay the minimum or less.

Don't let that fool you because it will cost you more. The danger here too is you may think you are spending your money properly when in fact the big picture will show the unnecessary spending going on.
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