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Debt free today, congratulations! You got your debt out of your life. First you determined the debt you really had. You tracked your spending and made a list of the debt in order to prioritize them. You learned to play the credit game right. You created a budget and took steps to grow the income. You even invested some money.

But being wealthy has its own responsibilities. For one thing, you have to have a will. In fact, even before becoming debt free today, you should have a will. Why? Because you want your loved ones to get what you want them to get. This may cost a few hundred dollars but will offer you such peace of mind no money can buy.

There are kits you can get from an office store where you will fill in the blanks. This may be the right way to go when you're still paying off your debt. Then you can graduate to getting a lawyer draw up a will to your specification like the one on the graphic taken by Jaymarr.


Then along with the will, getting debt free today, entails having to create a revocable living trust. This will say who will be in control of your assets while you're still living and who will take the place after you're gone. This will make it easy for your heirs in avoiding the expensive probate-court practice which they will have to undergo without the living trust.

It does not stop here for you will need a durable power of attorney for health care. What is this, you asked? This will state the kind of medical intervention you can have when you become too ill to make the decision or if you become incapacitated. In this document you will have to specify who you trust to make the medical decisions for you.

Then there is the durable power of attorney for your finances. Just like the aforementioned for health, this will give instructions as to what you want done financial-wise if you become unable to make any decisions. You will also specify who will make the financial decisions for you.

There are life insurance and health insurance to work on. There's insurance for home, auto, and personal possessions. The responsibilities are endless and some people just do not want to be rich to get away from all of these. But really, I'd rather have work to do while comfortable rather than worry about where the next meal is coming from.

Why, just getting to this debt free today stage of your life took a lot of courage. You took the steps to reach your financial potential. But with this, you know there's more to it than improving your bottom line. You have to look within yourself to help the world too by the way you think, talk and do things.

And you learned how to save money like in making your own cleaning materials that are more environmentally friendly. I was worried about the pollution in my home that I bought a $7 book that showed me how to clean all things and save at the same time at Click Here!

Now doesn't it feel good to wake up in the morning knowing that you own your own car, home and everything in it? Now you own your own life instead of worrying yourself to death, thinking of where the next meal is coming from. You are financially independent.

You are finally financially secure and have begun building your wealth. Now you're enjoying real success instead of the false sense of success that is fueled by a debt-filled lifestyle. Your families are strengthened and you have finally taken control of your life. It is such a relief to be debt free today.

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