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Debt free living is the goal of many. And I get a nice feeling to have the chance to help the American family become debt free. It is therefore the mission of this website. That is why we will give alerts and tips on the different facets of this issue. From paying off debt down to living debt free and into wealth.

Why is this such a consideration? People earn more money than ever. Yet they are still in debt. What is wrong with this scenario? Why do they keep earning more and more money and keep paying off what they owe and yet not going anywhere? Is it because of poor management habit?

It is not your fault. Sure some forget to pay on time and others may buy things that are not absolutely essential but the majority who work hard at correcting the situation find they're still down. Really it's the way the lending industry is set up.

This is the way we can help. The alerts and tips we can send to you on Debt Free Living will help you understand the current trends. Then you will be able to act accordingly. For example, some say there are deals made between the credit card companies and the government on the former's way of doing business like in raising fees and such things.

When we know what things are going on and how they affect us, then we can try to get around the problem and just like in ball games and hockey we can play the best defense. We can play the game people play so we can beat the opponent. But only if do it right.

In doing this, we hope the average American family will gain financial independence. We will help develop the financial skills necessary to achieve our goal. This way we can plan carefully as to how to proceed to strive for financial stability and wealth honestly and with integrity.

We will go slowly but surely. Why? Because there are traps which I prefer to call challenges to avoid and face squarely. Otherwise the debts could keep soaring. So you wonder how the people who have reached the stage of having paid off their debt managed to do so. Are they really living on easy street?

Not some of them. How is that possible? Why would they not live easier after being able to achieve their goal of debt free living? Well, I'll give you an example. A friend of mine does not owe money so you would think she will be able to apply for a mortgage just like that. Nope! Nobody would lend her money.

Why? Because she didn't have a credit history. So now she owns a credit card and use it occasionally paying her balance in full each month. This way she is able to have a credit history and now qualifies for the best interest rate in town. You should do the same.

This is the kind of alert and tips I am talking about. So sign up for free so you will be able to get those once a month. We have some in the website but the monthly one will be more in depth. So sign up for free to get these alerts and tips.Then you will be able to act accordingly while going on your journey to the land of debt free living.

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