Why I Love My Discover Card

If you must have a credit card for emergency purposes, this is the card to get. This is what I have and this is what I use. Why do I use it? Because they have excellent Customer Service, 0% Intro APR, 0 annual fee, 0 fraud liability guarantee and much, much more.

Truly, you can expect great rewards and great savings with any of these Discover Cards. For instance, for anything I buy at any department stores, I get 5% back. So for a sweater that costs me $100, I get $5 back. Whenever I buy gas or groceries, I get 5% back. If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read anymore go there now: Discover Multi Card Landing Page

My husband and I eat out lunch every day. Guess what's the best credit cards to use for these meals. You guess it right! It's Discover Card. Why? It's because I get 5% back from every meal I eat and that's a lot considering we eat out 365 days a year.

As for the rest of our purchases, I get 1% back which is okay for us because most of what we buy are groceries, restaurant meals, gas, and department stores purchases. For all of these, I get 5% back. Really, I couldn't believe this at first but when I received the first check, I became a believer in Discover Card.


Then on top of all the above, one year, a friend of mine ran into trouble when a member of her family got sick. She didn't know what to do. She owed a couple of thousands in one credit card. I told her about the Discover Cards' offer on balance transfers of 0% interest for 12 months. Imagine not having to pay double digit interest for one whole year.

They will give you what you expect. You'll enjoy complete fraud protection for your peace of mind. The Fraud Liability guarantee is $0. Then if you give them your email address and you should, they will warn you of advanced fraud alerts.

On top of all of these, their customer service is second to none. In less than a minute, you'll be able to talk to a knowledgeable person who will attend to your concerns and answer your questions. It's truly a Customer Service that puts you first. So as long as you use credit cards responsibly, this is the one to get. So why don’t you go and check it out? Here it is: Discover Multi Card Landing Page