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Replace Old Drafty Windows To Cut Energy Bills With Specials "No Cost Program"

Find out where you live if there is this type of program Save Money. This is great for homeowners who need replacement doors and windows now. They offer free estimate with low monthly payments to suit any budget.

The doors and windows come with six warranties and meet stringent codes for hurricanes and provide year round energy savings. In addition, the windows also qualify for up to $350 in credits with the electric company. For a FREE QUOTE, including our 4-year “price freeze” guarantee, call (813) 908-0131 (Tampa), (727) 280-6029 (St. Petersburg) or toll free at 1-800-640-3161.

The Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Tax Break Will Soon Be Over You probably know this already but I thought,to play it safe, to alert you on this very important issue. The 2007 Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act will run out by the end of the year. You see, any debt forgiven is usually added as income and so is taxable. With the high mortgages people carry, that could mean in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. You would not want to be taxed on that, would you? Of course not.

We all need a break and we should not let this tax break pass us by. It is going to be over by the end of this year. The buzz is, it may be extended but why play this waiting game when we have it right in the palm of our hands? For example, if your lender reduced what you owed by $60,000 in a loan modification to lower your principal, then you won't have to declare $60,000 as income next time you file an income tax return.

Similarly, if you short sell your home for $60,000 less than your mortgage, you will not be taxed for that amount. It is the same thing if your property is foreclosed for $60,000 less than you owed, that amount will not be taxable. You will be saving a large tax bill for the federal and state taxes. If you like to receive tips like this, please sign up for our newsletter "Save Money Today" that will go out once a month as soon as we have enough subscribers.

Where One Can Get Cash Online

You probably won't believe this but you can easily get cash online and I don't mean you have to go on business. There are quite a few financial institutions that offer cash if you use their products. If you have a need to use their products, you might as well choose one that offers the highest cash bonus.

Here is a Chase Credit Card that will give you the most for your money. And there is no annual fee. But I have a confession to make. Since I was going on a long trip and needed to use the cost on a credit card so I will enjoy one month before paying it off, I applied for a Bank of America Card on the recommendation of the travel agent. Both my wife and I did and paid for part of our trip with the new cards.

Were we ever surprised when we called and were told we each had $200 accumulated in points. And the best part? We could get the reward right there and then. So that was what we did and lo and behold, two days after, the two cheques arrived. We deposited them into our account of course and we have not even paid for the trip yet. When the statement did arrive a month later, we paid for it with the $400 they sent us. Cool, huh?

Then there is Ing Direct. We bank through them and when we first started, we were given $25 just by opening an account with them. They will do it for you, too. You can have a saving account and a checking account with them with no fees. There is no minimum balance either. We find it just a hassle-free way to bank with them.

Is It Prudent To Borrow Money To Invest While Still Paying for the Mortgage?

When the market is on the secular bear phase that could last 15 to 20 years, it is not a good idea to borrow money for investment purposes. There is an exception. If you do not have to depend on your investments to handle the loan, then borrowing to invest could work. Keep the risk manageable by considering a series of chronological or sequential loans.

Here's how one could do it: Borrow $5000 to add to your investment portfolio and pay that debt down with your savings. Then borrow another $5000 to invest and so on down the line. This is especially so if you do not have to rely on the investment income for your every day needs and can wait to ride it out until the market turns north again. Remember that I am not a financial guru. I am just sharing my opinion and experience so go to Debt Challenger for the disclaimer.

Striking a Fine Balance So You Keep More of Your Money_1

Which is a more prudent to do? To start investing while paying down a major debt or pay the debt first? This is one question that overwhelms some. On one side of the equation, paying off the debt first guarantees a rate of return because interest is saved when reducing the debt load.

On the other side, having an investment plan makes one spend less and if the money is put where the interest is tax deductible, then this is a good idea. In real life though the two strategies of reducing the debt load first on one hand and combining reduction debt with the investment on the other hand seem to come out about even.

However, one who is in the 40% tax bracket will benefit more by putting the money in investments with the tax-deductible interest if the tax savings are put on reducing the debt. How about you? What is your experience? Tell us what works for you the best so we can help other people with your ideas.

Plan Your Portfolio to Cope With the Unplanned

When the market is volatile and the rises and falls are inevitable, you can prepare for both by employing the right investment approach. For example, you can invest in index exchange traded funds from more than 40 different asset classes. We also discussed on previous tips not to go overboard overseas and to think companies and not countries.

There are three more strategies to research, plan and implement like upgrading the European holdings for any good news could awaken it from her debt-induced coma. Then evolve with the emerging markets for people should not assume the market bull there is over so they can bet on consumer companies. Then it is true you should avoid putting all your investment eggs in the foreign market but it is equally wrong to avoid it altogether.

What Is the Right Balance When It Comes to Investments?

Investing in the market is a balancing act. The debt dilemma in Europe and Asia’s slow growth makes it a scary place to be in. Just like the dodo, the euro may become extinct and the market slipped into a coma. Is there something else we can do? Yes, some simple moves may save us the day.

When it comes to investment abroad, studies have shown that less is more, so don’t go overboard and cap commitment despite what financial advisers say. You have to think companies instead of countries for you can pick up industry leaders at a discount. Evolve with the emerging markets and bet on consumer companies because the developing world’s middle class is on the rise. Here‘s Income Investing Secrets System to help you on your way.

It Makes Sense to Invest in Stocks for the Long Run

It’s true investing in stocks for the long term is still the best way to earn inflation-beating returns. They may not be a slam dunk right now but the reasonable risks are still okay in my book. The trouble is the long run is longer than what they want you to believe. The long run now is defined not as five or ten years but as two decades or even more because overall the 20-year periods have delivered returns that beat inflation.

This is not saying you have to bail on stocks although you should not really have more than 60% of your money in stocks. Perhaps, you should even have less in stocks if your expenses are not covered by Social Security and pension. The worst case scenario is the bear market may catch up with us and we may have to sell low.

This Statistical Methods Of Stock Trading. may help for their method shows the only way to win the stock market game is to buy stocks when other people are selling and to sell stocks when other people are buying. Here, you can find new short-term trading strategies to play against the crowd. They are trying to buy or sell stocks one day before the other people do. They are different because their long story did not see them change their stock selection system since 1996 and they are open for you can check all their trades since 1996. They do not hide anything.

The Worst Form of Investing is to Buy and Hold

I was surprised by this advice as I was under the impression that when the market is down, it is not wise to sell the stocks you are losing money on. After reading it though, I can see some sense in it. When you come to think of it, the typical manager flips his portfolio in less than a year.

The better bet is to look for a manager who keeps two-thirds of his holdings for long periods. The funds have less transaction costs and have better returns since they incur fewer taxable capital gains.

Taking Advantage of the Messy Market

With the stocks as volatile as they are, what do you do with your portfolio? Sure the great ideas about stocks are wrong, but sometimes they are not. Let’s come up with an example so we can rethink our investments for this year.

Yes, stocks are more volatile, but that is not necessarily bad. It’s like what one bank manager told us, “Warren Buffet helped Bank of America and put in $5 billion of his own money there. When people found this out, they bought the stocks raising their value and making Warren Buffet earn $2 billion in one day.”

We can do the same thing except not in the same league as Warren Buffet of course and we don’t begrudge his one-day $2 billion dollar earnings because he is a good man and helps a lot of people but as institutional investors focus on their trading, opportunities arise for the patient. As Chris Cordaro (chief investment officer at Regent Atlantic Capital, said “When markets are a mess, smart investors can take advantage.”

Statistical Methods Of Stock Trading.

Our methods
The only way to win the stock market game is to buy stocks when other people are selling and to sell stocks when other people are buying.

Here, you can find new short-term trading strategies to play against the crowd. We are trying to buy or sell stocks one day before the other people do. Why we are different

Long History
We did not change our stock selection system since 1996

We are open
You can check all our trades since 1996. We do not hide anything.

Way to Help Others Even If You’re Short on Cash

If you like being nice, go to and request for a free Youmanity Token. Register it on the website and then help out a stranger. Give the token to the stranger and ask him to do the same. Follow the kindness chain as the token travels around the country.

How to Make Money Online in 2012

1. The first thing to do is to find a product that people desperately need and that you can help put them in the right direction. It has to be something that is affordable and easy to understand and use.

2. Check how much demand there is for this product and search for the keyword that can be used to find it.

3. Find out the competition. If they are high-ranking, search for another keyword.

4. After you get a good keyword or two, register a domain name and get a web host.

5. Set up Word Press on your site.

6. Install All In One SEO Pack. This is also the time when you write a few articles to populate your site.

7. Set up your affiliate banners and call to action in important places where they can be seen.

8. After you are satisfied as to how your site looks like and with the on-page SEO, you are ready to get traffic.

9. For the off-page SEO, it is time to get back links to your site.

10. Now you can watch how your site is doing through Google Analytics.

If you find you need help in any or all of the above steps, then sign up for home business coaching. Currently I’m booked with clients through the end of the year and next month, but when spots open up I will let you know about it.  You see this is only available to 10 clients at a time. Just leave your name and email address at the contact form and write there that you are interested in home business coaching.

Bank of America Backs off Debit Card Fee Plan Success! It goes to show that United We Stand, we’d get what’s good for us. Now this bank will not charge every customer $5 a month for using the debit card. Their co-CEO, David Darnell, said that they nixed the plan because they listen to their customers and understand their concern. Sun Trust, J. P. Morgan Trust, Wells Fargo and Regions all backed out of implementing the monthly fees. Do you think they’d listen had we not raised our voices?

Financial Recovery Begins With Resilience
You may have lost a lot of money if you’re invested in the stock market but if you don’t have to live off it, it’s only a paper loss. The track record of the stock market is that it goes up again and still gives better yield than the banks. Aside from that you didn’t lose money from the likes of Bernard Madoff and his Ponzi scheme which made people lose $65 billion dollars.

The good news is the economic crisis has spawned support groups everywhere. People connect with each other and share their fear and grief and get together so they don’t have to go through this alone. They become resilient and away from negativity. It allows them to move forward and unlock the secrets to financial freedom.

Debt Buyers Must Beware
I am glad to read that The Maryland Court of Appeals are cranking down on debt collection agencies as this will spare some families of heart aches when they are told to pay up their debts when they have already paid for them. Now the debt collectors will be more careful to show the proof before they can even sue one for any debt.

It’s Not Magic: Save What You Can and Retire as Debt-Free As You Can Be
Thank you for giving us a heads up on the issue of Social Security. I have also heard that some have received incorrect information on the social security statement. It is certainly crucial to double check the info on those statements as they are vital to one’s retirement planning because if the info you receive is less than your earning record then naturally, you will get less benefit come retirement day. Find the proof in tax returns and pay stubs. If you can’t find these, you can still have it corrected by sending Social Security the dates you worked and the names of your employers.

Consumer Bankruptcy is Down But Debt Load is Still Scary
While it’s true bankruptcy is down still the real story belies the benefit of this seemingly bright news. Is it because the homeowners are turning away from their homes in record numbers? Or the others who are still there stayed on with government help? Never mind if it’s due to zero or low mortgage interest or something else. The truth is that household debt is still high. At least a lesson has been learned. Never again would a consumer buy a home without the budget, an emergency fund and a Debt Busters System, which they say, has powerful information on proven techniques and strategies to get out of debt without bankruptcy and repair bad credit fast.

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