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Debt living debt free is the goal everyone tries to reach and there are many reasons why this is so. It is not really rocket science for who will not want to promote debt freedom? Being free from owing money will be like living outside the jail, the jail that keeps you working hard to pay for all what you owe.

For one thing, being in debt is like spending the money you have not received yet. Who will want to do that? You will just be sentencing yourself to hard labor because you know you are going to keep working to pay for the money you already spent. Besides, if you are like me, you will probably have already forgotten what it is that you bought in the first place. Or else it is already destroyed and is candidate to be hauled to the garbage depot. This continues below after this request:

Debt living debt free will be less stressful too. You know the feeling. You receive the bill and you know there is not enough money in the bank to pay for it. You sweat and can't eat thinking of this problem night and day. During the day, you cannot concentrate on your work and at night you toss and turn till dawn comes.

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When you know you can't pay the bill, you go and see or call the lender. You hate to beg but are forced to do so. This is giving the lenders free to control the terms of repayment and you may pay an arm and a leg for it. So now you know that you are under their control. If you need more help, check these miracle loans.

With spending under control thus making bills affordable to pay, it takes less time to process your payment. There is money in the bank to cover all the bills. You do not have to juggle the finances just to meet the obligations. You do not have to make calls to the lenders so bill paying is a breeze.

When there is no unmanageable debt, you can be more charitable. You can give money to your church and share with the expenses needed for its day-to-day operation. When eating at restaurants or getting a haircut, you can give more tips. When someone you love celebrates a birthday you can give away more. So you see debt living debt free will give you the chance to give more.

Members of the family are happier when there is no financial stress. The wife specially will be happier and you know what that means. When the wife is happy, everyone is happy. This alone is enough to make one work at getting debt free.

You can make your money put to work for you when there is no financial stress. You can invest more because you are able to save all the interest and penalties you are paying when you cannot meet your financial obligations. This money that you are able to save can be put to work to earn more money for you. For example, check this out if you want to know what they say is A Simple, Idiot-Proof Cash Generating System!

Paying in advance for anything you want like a vacation will make you feel great. Not only that, you are in a position to negotiate how much the vacation will cost you. It is the same thing for anything your heart desires. You are the boss and can call the shot.

Oh sure, sometimes you have to wait to buy something until you have the cash for it. But you know what? This will only make you a better consumer. Why you ask? Well, while you're waiting for the cash, you will have the time to think if you really need what it is you are buying.

Best of all, when the bill paying time comes along, you do not have to scramble for cash. You do not have to think of where you are going to get the money to meet your obligations. In some cases, people have had to get a second job just to pay for the bills. You do not have to do this because you are subscribed to debt living debt free.

Debt living debt free requires patience and dedication in going through the seven steps: 1. First is to admit the problem exists. 2. Then if the solution is beyond you, get professional help. 3. Get free counseling is the next step. 4. The consultant prepares a monthly budget. 5. The consultant negotiates with your creditors. 6. You can then make monthly payments. 7. Say NO from now on to credit card and loan offerings.

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