Remortgage With Bad Debt May Be a Solution But Heed the Caveat !

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Remortgage with bad debt? This just means you are getting a mortgage loan that is intended for those with lower credit scores. This type of loan is granted to those who already own their home or some other forms of real estate. This real estate or home will serve as a collateral.

The real estate that you will use as collateral may or may not have a mortgage on it. Regardless, because you have a collateral, chances are you will be approved for this type of loan. This means that this type of arrangement can take the place of a loan you applied for and was not approved.

Another use for this type of restructuring one’s loans is that it can help with the reorganization of payments of the old mortgage since the new one will replace this. Usually the total amount is lower and so is the monthly payment. If you tried to do it when your mortgage is at high interest rate, then the chances are you will have a lower interest rate depending on the current credit climate.

So you see it can be useful if done properly. Remortgage with bad debt is a good way to consolidate all the current debts. This could also free some extra cash for which I am sure you will regard with prudence regarding spending it, knowing how difficult it is to be at the mercy of the lenders.


If the banks are giving you a hard time, there are other solutions. Although the problems may be associated with arrears in mortgage payments, bankruptcy, problems at work, or CCJs, it is wise to consider the remortgage with bad debt scenario. Here are the benefits of this:

  • Consolidating debts
  • Lowering the monthly payments thus making it easier to manage
  • Giving you a fixed rate and peace of mind regarding the financial future
  • Saving you money due to the lower interest rate
  • Giving you some extra cash for other wise purchases.

Although prospective lenders will offer you the interest rate based on your credit scores, there are companies that will offer rates that are competitive enough. So don't jump in and sign up at the first offer you will see. You may be tempted to do so because the monthly payment will be reduced. But it is wise to think first of possible ramification that may surprise you down the road.

Here's how to find the best deal. Get free quotes from a number of companies. Make sure there is no obligation for you to sign. Just say you need some time to study the quote. Write each down including the fees that you may incur which may include legal fees, mortgage valuation cost, exit fees, pre-payment penalty and arrangement fees.

It is good to spend time trying to get the best deal. Remember that even though your monthly payment is reduced, the total amount you will eventually pay may be higher than the obligation you have now. So care and caution will have to be followed when considering to remortgage with bad debt.

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