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Make money online_1? I bet you want to do this for who would not want to anyway during this economic mess we are in? Besides our goal is to go from debt into wealth and to accomplish this we have to do something. What better way to do this than doing it online where you have almost zero cost and can do it in the comfort of your home.

Let's call this business simple internet income. That's what a marketing guru called it and he made his first million following the ten steps. No, it's not me. I am not in his league but you can be, if you apply what I am going to reveal to you. He calls it simple because it is simple.

This make money online_1 way has been made simple so that it will neither be complicated or confusing. The trouble is we are going to have to work. Ouch! That's where the sheep are separated from the goats. No, it is not that we are lazy. It is just that some people thrive on work.


We have a choice though. We can either do everything ourselves or outsource some of the work. What is outsource anyway? Well, here's a place where you will learn everything there is to learn about outsourcing some of our work. Check this out so you don't have to work too hard.

Outsourcing just means contracting someone to do the job for you. Many companies do this because they want to save money. Instead of having to pay someone regularly plus benefits, they outsource the job and just pay for what is done. On top of this, they are able to focus on other aspects of their business.

There are disadvantages though one of which is that you don't get to communicate directly with your clients. One may lose control of some aspects of the business, may delay communication and sensitive issue may be vulnerable. But with a small business like ours will be, this will not be such an issue.

Me? I hardly outsource because I like to learn things myself but then I don't earn a million dollars so really you have to study the pros and cons and weigh them carefully. It's better to get some good advice like the link above. It is best to remember what is important to you. Is it money or time?

Before I start revealing to you the steps this million dollar guru followed, I have to let you know of the three principles that are crucial to your online business. Crucial because they can either make or break your business. Enough talk already, come on, let us go to those keys to a successful make money online_1 business.

One principle is to sell stuff that convert. Otherwise you will just be wasting your traffic and the time you spend building it. Do you know what convert means? I'll tell on the next page. Then there is the principle of only selling products that solve the problems of the desperate and last but not least is the principle of taking consistent action. I will take it one at a time and explain each one of these principles. But that will be for next time so watch for more on make money online_1.

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