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To make money online_2, I promised on the last page to tell you about conversion, that is, what products can be sold easier than others. You don't want to waste your time and effort building traffic and just to end up with a dud.

To do this, find what is your area of interest and several products on this that look interesting. Check the sale’s history. If the momentum is growing each week, it shows promise. Find also the refund rate for if it is 60%, then it is not a product of quality that you will want to promote.

Check with the vendor to see if he will be willing to help by giving you articles to rewrite and keywords you can google. This brings us back to the last two keys which are finding products that solve problems and taking action consistently. Both are self-explanatory.

So now we are ready to take action to make money online_2 by planning how we are going to do this. Let us divide them into steps for easy understanding. Obviously, we have to start from the very beginning and go to Step 1 which is to find a profitable topic.

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How do we find a profitable topic? The simplest way to do this is to look at two sites. One is and the other is The other way to do it is to find the audience for the topic you have in mind at the websites on similar topic where you can study their habits and problems.

You can then separate the desperate problems these people have who do not mind spending money. You can tell from the questions they are asking. You will then find pain behind the problem. People have psychological needs and they will want to have all these needs met.

So there will be traffic to find to reach the audience. Find how these desperate buyers go about looking for solutions to their problem. You can evaluate what the competition does and do much more than they do, perhaps by using other forms of media like the video.

Now let's take some time to see how we can find profitable market at amazon and some other places. Once you have a topic, find the top 100 list at Amazon and see how many books have been released on your chosen topic. If your area of expertise is there you can be sure your topic is profitable. Do the same for the magazines sold at Amazon.

Then head down to Ebay to see if they are selling some things to the same type of audience. The next stop is to find the same thing at to see if they are selling products to the same group of buyer you have in mind. Didn't I warn you there's work to be done on how to make money online_2, so hang in there.

Wow! this is taking a long time. We are just on Step 1 and look at how the time flew. I will have to wait till next time before we go to the second step which is, drum roll please, find out what desperate problems people in the topic you have chosen have. I will tell you where to go for that one so we can keep on moving in the right direction on the topic of make money online_2.

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