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Make money online_4 will concentrate on how to choose a Clickbank product that will easily sell. Remember the step-by-step plan we are following? First is to choose a profitable topic. Then find what are the problems the people who belong to this topic are asking. And now for the third step, we will look for products that will help solve their problems.

To find the profitable products, there are tips to follow:

  • 1. Determine in what area of the chosen topic are you most interested in and the skills you have. If your topic is about music, do you know how to play the guitar? It is important that you know something about the topic of your choice. It will be easier to market something that you know about. So type in guitar playing in the keyword search field at Clickbank's market place. There is a tool that will make this easier that I will tell you about later.
  • 2. After selecting some products, check their sale's history. Are they moving forward? Which product has its gravity growing every week? If it is, then it is a sign that this is a product that will be in your short list and maybe one you will work on first. Keep finding out each product's sales history.
  • 3. Does the product have a high return rate? If it has more than 50% return rate, you should not waste time working on it. The one you should be working on should have a return rate lower than 10%.
  • 4. Check the pages of the merchants and assess them as to quality that will entice sales. You should read the whole sales letter to see if it is compelling enough for you to want to buy it. Because if you do, then your market will want to buy it too. Assess the merchants pages if they are well-designed to the point that you will want to read them and easy to navigate to lead you to the order button. You would not want a page with too many links that will distract your customers.
  • 5. You can even contact the vendor to see if he can help you market his product. Maybe he has articles you can rewrite. Perhaps he will give you the keyword to help with your search at Google and the other search engines. A vendor who is willing to help and work with you will be a benefit.

There you have the five tips that will help you with your research on what products to pick that you can promote to the targeted market you found in Steps 1 and 2. There is a Clickbank Engine which will help speed the process. It is a top finder and analyzer tool.

Remember if you need some hand holding, I am available to help at $10.00 an hour which is nothing compared to the gurus who charge from $500 and up. I am only doing it because I want to help, but I am not sure if I can keep the price that low because I lose money when I stop working on my website. Next time I will help you with step 4 which is finding keyword phrases that will help with the marketing. Together therefore, let us, without spending thousands of dollars, make money online_4.

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