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Make money online_15 with is possible for it is an amazing tool that can be used both for personal and business purposes. As for personal branding, should you use your real name or a personal brand name? It depends on what you are trying to do. In my case for the diabetics I want to help, my user name is diabeteshelp. For those I help with their debt, my user name is debtchallenger.

What really matters most is you use the same name where you want to build your brand. So when I post a comment on a news item about debt, I use debtchallenger in my signature. And I use diabeteshelp when I am posting on any diabetes news without thinking to make money online_15. Sorry I thought I was done with but someone posted a comment that she wanted another article on it.

Another important thing to remember in dealing with is to take action on a lot of things people want and respect. In my case, I write a lot of content to help the followers deal with whatever is troubling them. And I do this without expecting anything in return or to make money online_15. In other cases, they can work together to achieve a common goal like below.


Now how do we follow and get followers? To get followers, make your twitter profile really good and send traffic to that profile. It is not so important how much, what and when you tweet at as that profile. Some ways to drive traffic to the profile and get followers are:

  • Use a banner ad to link it to your profile.
  • Have a contest via your twitter profile.
  • Include links to your profile in your signature.
  • Connect your websites and blogs to your twitter profile.
  • Request another user to recommend your profile and do the same for him.

Sometimes it gets out of hand that so many people try to follow you. It used to be that I followed everyone who wanted to follow me. I was being naive I know. I thought people were all like me and I think I suffered from this as I lost a little bit of page rank. So now I am more careful and I check them out first.

Don’t judge me if I don’t follow all below. I am not too active there for one thing. Besides, I don’t have an avatar as I don’t know how to upload one. And all my photos are taken with my husband and I do not really want to cut him out of the picture as you know what that means. Anyway, here are some reasons why one should not follow everyone:

  • There is no website, bio or location.
  • The twittering shows a tendency to argue a lot.
  • There is no user avatar.
  • The listed website is a MySpace profile.
  • The tweeter is following a huge number of users but has no updates and only 20 followers.
  • The profile says he is an expert at something and yet his updates do not show he is one.
  • The updates are only about selling something.
  • The updates show he wants to thank me for following him but immediately he wants to help me with something he's selling.
  • He is not interacting with his followers.
  • His updates only want to get more twitter followers.

As for using Twitter for business, do it the right way. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Help people in your niche. Tweeting only on your products will turn people off.
  • Be sure you will show you are more interested in helping than to make money online_15.
  • Stop repeating the same message over and over again or the updates could be considered spam.
  • Develop a relationship first with your followers.
  • Only after doing the first four items should you mention your company.

That is all for now my friends. I hope I have been of help somewhat. These things are not easy to do because there are people out there who will try to use you but all in all, it is fun. And pretty soon if you do things right, you will start to make money online_15.

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