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Earn money online is another series that I am starting for the benefit of all newbies out there. I got this from a marketing guru but I have some questions regarding this. I have to say though that the content on his materials are really good.

The title of this is How To Make Money in 24 Hours. This is my first question because I do not know of anyone who has made money in 24 hours. Perhaps if you have a big list, you could do that. Or maybe you could just earn a little bit of pocket money. We shall see though; try it, for knows? One of you may get lucky and earn money online.


His Step One goes like this. It says send a solo mailing to your list. Do you see what I mean? How can one send solo mailings to the list if there is no list? This just drives home the point to make sure that in everything you do, make it count and geared to creating a list. How do you do that? Well, let me count the ways.

One way is through getting a web form from your auto responder which in my case is aweber and if you like you can get it here: http://aweber.com/?315833 It costs $19 a month but I use it because they’re the best in the business. But you could get a free month of trial just to see if it is going to work out for you.

Here is another alternative which is this: http://www.getresponse.com/index/randeg It is a bit cheaper but also works well. You may even get a free service although it will be limited. Anyway, you really need an auto responder and these two are both very good.

Anyway, to get into business online successfully, there are three essential things one should have: a domain name, a host provider for your website and an auto responder. Believe me, I tried it the bum marketing way, but each time, you end up in a corner and not really earn money online.

You will still make pocket money without those three but not as much as if you had those three essentials. And certainly you will not have to work too hard. Unless you are like me who loves to teach and share with others what I learn. Then you will not mind working too hard.

Another way to build your list is through this site: http://www.listinferno.com They will advertise your site and you will get names for your list that way. They say there will be thousands of 100% opt-in leads for your list from thousand of websites across the globe and all is 100% free.

This site has not been long in the business or may not be doing well so I did not try it http://www.optinboom.com/index.php?sponsor=6750 It claims it can give you thousands of opt ins a day and some top gurus have something good to say about it.

Here's another way that a marketing guru used to build thousands of subscribers. He created a mini course and used five tips to send in simple emails which he loaded into his auto responder. It turned out to be the best thing he could do to build a list. Let us follow his journey to see how he did it. Oops, we are at the end of the line. Let's continue on next time, shall we? Then we can try to earn money online.

Want to know other ways to earn money online? Some say there are over a hundred ways. Let me see how many I can put down here: Earn money from Free Online Surveys , eBay, blogging, affiliate marketing, network marketing or MLM, Google adsense.

You can also earn money from articles or web content, ebooks, Clickbank, CPA offers, flipping websites, trading forex, Twitter, membership site, public domain works, being a paid premium blogger, virtual assistant and sales agent, and a lot more than this space can allow.

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