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Make Money Online_14 With Digg as a Social Bookmarking Tool That Will Keep You Captive

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Make money online_14 through Digg is possible when you make it real. It has to be something that comes through with content that is useful. For here, you can submit stories that will be reviewed by the community by digging your story whether it is useful and helpful. They will digg it too if it is interesting and funny.

Of course you can't digg until you sign up. You can only take part in making things happen after you join. So let's see how to do it, shall we? First go to http://digg.com/ Start by clicking “Join Digg“. You have to choose a screen name, a password, email address and your birthday. No, they will not send you a gift on your birthday. They just require it for legal reasons. To see if you're human, they will ask you to input a verification code.

At this point, you may be wondering why do you have to join Digg. Well the reasons are many. You can find the best of the web and other recommended stuff there. You will be heard and will be able to check on what your friends are digging. And best of all, you can promote your stuff. And this means you may be able to make money online_14.

Fair enough? So now click “Create an account“. They will tell you to check your email to finish the registration process. Click the link that is in the email and then log in. From now on, you can digg any of the stories that you see that you like.

After you see that they are clicking on your story, you will feel great. Imagine getting a pat on the back on the story that you told. For that is what digging means. They are really saying, "Hey, I like your story, that's great. Allow me to share your story with the other people."

How do you digg a story, you asked? It's simple. Every story in the list that you find comes before it a number with the word digg below it. If you are logged in, just click that and magically, the number changes to the next higher one and the word "digg" is replaced with the word "dugg."

So whenever you see a story that you like or dig, just digg it. When there are enough people digging the story, it will just become so popular that it will graduate to the main page. And guess what? This will bring a lot of traffic to the site and hopefully make money online_14.

So how do you find stories to digg? It should really be not on the front page because those stories have already been dugg, meaning they have been approved. They also have been promoted. Where you want to go is at http://digg.com/news/upcoming

Go ahead and click that link. Do you see all the news and stories there? Eyeball those stories and see which ones you digg. Some are not so good but others are, like mine. Heh, heh, heh. But seriously, I take care that I put forth good content. Life is too short to fool around with something like this even if your mission is not to make money online_14.

Make Money Online With Digg

I didn't really know about this until I wrote about this issue. Now I know there's a site called User/Submitter that offers 50 cents for anyone who will dig 5 posts. I have not really tried this for I prefer to spend time more constructively.

Besides some say it's not legal but this site has PR4 so it must be okay. So to find out how, just register at usersubmitter.com with your digg users ID. They will send you a list to digg. People pay for this because they want to drive traffic to their affiliate and adsense links.

Oh, by the way, you can copy and paste the social bookmarking html version of the following at the bottom of every page of your post unless you belong to the group I am in that is so trustworthy and delivers everything you need, to the point they add this automatically without you having to do it manually:

Refresh Make Money Online_14

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