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Make Money Online_13 Tools With Twitter the Social Bookmarking Choice

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Make money online_13 will make us learn to share with some other sites. It will make us realize all the more that no man is an island and in order to do well we have to communicate and rub elbows with the other internet marketers, figuratively speaking of course. How we arrived here will be shown by the following steps we took:

  • Step 1: Select a profitable niche.
  • Step 2: Find the questions and problems people have in the chosen niche.
  • Step 3. Choose the affiliate products to promote.
  • Step 4. Find the three key phrases that will help market the products.
  • Step 5. Write articles on each of the key phrases.
  • Step 6. Submit articles to Article Directories.
  • Step 7. Create a Blog Rich in Keywords.
  • Step 8. Create a Squidoo Lens.
  • Step 9. Post articles in Squidoo Lens in Article Directories.
  • Step 10. Social bookmark everything.

Since this is step 10, all we have to do now is rinse and repeat and of course drive traffic to your site which if you didn't do my suggestion on getting your own website it will be your Squidoo Lens. It will make it easy for your readers to share and also save what you write. I will show you several ways as to how to social bookmark your website or if you don't have this at least do it for your Squidoo Lens.

First let's tackle Twitter. After all, I think Twitter helped President Obama get elected. I know he used it a lot in communicating with his followers and you can do the same. I just finished reading all about Twitter and found out no way in heaven's name will I be able to explain this in one day. So we will devote a few days to Twitter and that would mean we will not be putting the ten steps again as everything on how to make money online_13 will be about social bookmarking.

I will be honest with you. At first I didn't know what all this following and being followed are all about. Oh, I knew from President Obama's use of it is that Twitter is something you can use online to let people know what you are up to in the form of sentences 140 characters long. I must admit I had a hard time writing just 140 characters long for I am the type to write a lot.

I typed some info a few times and acquired a few people following me. I checked them out and started following them. I ended up having a few Twitter friends. You don't have to follow one at a time; you can even follow a group. Then each time you can see what these people are up to.

Okay, enough already, I am ready to sign up. You know I can almost hear you say that but don't worry if you can't follow the steps properly as we may continue doing this another day. Besides, I will try to put a Twitter video below to help you out. Here are the steps which hopefully will someday help makemoneyonline_13:

  • 1. Create an account at http://twitter.com and click the green button that says get started. Input your name, username, password, email address.
  • 2. Decide on your message.
  • 3. Start typing the message you decided to post in 140 characters. Anything at the start will be okay. Then hit update.
  • 4 Choose updates and find people and follow group.
  • 5. Click follow and start following people.
  • 6. Adjust settings to help people find you .
  • 7. Set up your cell so you can text which I do not recommend although your cell phone provider will love you because they may charge you for every texting you do.
  • 8. Customize your profile upload
  • 9. See what's out there and what people say and do quick search.
  • 10. Post update .
There you are. Start posting anything you want but don’t do blatant advertising as Twitter just like the rest of us frowns on that. Let me know in my contact page what else you want me to teach you or if you want me to stop twittering about Twitter. But eventually when you see some related post to what you are selling, then you can respond with your own affiliate link and start to make money online_13.

Make Money Online With Twitter Make money online with twitter is possible and in fact, there are many ways to do this. You can send them to a Clickbank product for which you are an affiliate is one way. Another way is to send them to your blog where you have adsense ads. You can also send them to offers from CPA, to your site at eBay. Really, you can send them anywhere where you can earn some money.

Here's another way I found but I have not tried it. A lot of people claimed they did and earned some money though:

How to Make $$$ Using Twitter: Follow these simple steps.

  • 1. Open up your twitter account
  • 2. Click on the dialog box to create a post.
  • 3. Hold down your shift button on your keyboard.
  • 4. While holding the shift button, carefully click on the 4 button exactly three times.
Congrats! You’ve successfully made $$$ on Twitter. Now go tell your friends that you know how to make money using this easy tweet this link.

Here's the Twitter Video. I hope it works so I don't have to explain anymore about it and concentrate on something else:

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