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Earn money online_1 has some tips for you. Tip #1 is something like a promise. First is to look for a topic that a lot of people are interested in. Then think of what solution the promise can deliver to these people to solve their problem. Make the biggest best promise that can be delivered in a mini course. Ask them to sign up by filling in their first name and email address.

Tip #2 will make you cry, cry of relief that is. Why? Because it will eliminate the fear of writing a five-day mini course. There are hundreds of articles in the web. You can look for them in the web and use any of them with their permission of course. You don't even need to ask permission at http://www.ezinearticles.com as long as you include the resource box. And it won't cost you a cent.

You will like this guru's Tip #3 for he recommends to give yourself plenty of chances to earn money. Put a lot of your affiliate links there. Affiliate links? There I go again. You may be able to get affiliate links but it is better with a website of your own. Get it from Domain Sale! $7.49 .com at GoDaddy This is once-a year payment so that is not so bad. Later I will show you where to get those affiliate links after we finish all the steps. Just remind me, okay?

Go Daddy $7.49 .com domains

But remember what I told you before. To be wildly successful, you will need three essential things: a domain name at Domain Sale! $7.49 .com at GoDaddy, a host for your website, and an autoresponder at http://aweber.com/?315833

As for the affiliates, I am presently taking a one-year course on this very topic that I am paying good money for. Don't worry, I will share with you what I learn. I am not learning much because I know most of what is being taught. Now let us go back to following the journey of this guru that gave him thousands of subscribers by offering a mini-course. Let's recap:

The Promise

The content of your mini-course that you will get from the web.

Put as many chances as you can to earn you some money

And now we are in Tip#4. It is simply like a cliff hanger on TV or movies where they build the audience anticipation to want to know what happens next. Always end each lesson with a cliff hanger that will make them want to go to the next lesson.

The last Tip #5 is to make certain to tell them what they do not know. Tell them that the mini-course is just a small portion, really just a small piece of the whole puzzle on what they have to learn to do or what needs to be done to earn money online_1.

After all those tips, let's go back to step 1 where we were asked to send solo mailings to earn money online_1. Here's a sample of a solo mailing. You could put in as the title: A Special FREE Gift For FIRSTNAME... (Note, if you have an auto responder, it will automatically put in the first name of the person you are sending the mail to.)


I've got a very unique GIFT for you...

This is not the typical trash you often see online - this has serious value.

It's a lifetime membership to an excellent private label rights site.

And best of all it won't cost you a dime!

See it at PLR Wholesaler

Why would you want this membership?

It's chock full of resources to make you money fast.

Here is what you'll be getting...

* Exclusive, Unique Software Available Nowhere Else!

* More Than 56 eBooks w/Private Label Rights!

* More Than 9800 Articles w/Private Label Rights!

* Video Courses w/Private Label Rights!

* Audio Articles w/Private Label Rights!

* And so much more...

But it's only available to you RIGHT NOW as a subscriber of mine.

So if you want this exclusive membership as a GIFT from me then please zip over to this site now and claim yours...PLR Wholesaler Memberships are strictly limited and will be granted on a firstcome - first served basis, which means if you don’t join now you'll probably be too late and get locked out, so... get moving!


Evelyn Guzman

See what I mean. this is just a sample and I have plenty more. Just let me know if you want more samples. Otherwise, next time we will just go ahead to Steps 2 and 3. Then later on, you will find that this is one way to earn money online_1.

Earn Money with PLR? What is that? PLR is short for Private Label Rights which give the one who receives or buys them the right to edit and put his name as the author as if he has written them himself. He can then resell them at the recommended price or at the price of his own.

The simple idea behind PLR content is that it's given or sold to people to do what they like to do with it. They can sell or use it as is, but it is better to edit it. It sure takes the hassle out of having to create or write your own products.

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