Earn Money Online_2 Loading Emails to Your Auto Responder

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Earn Money Online_2 Loading Emails to Your Auto Responder

Earn money online_2 has for its Step 2 as loading permanently the email I gave you at the previous post to your auto responder sequences. I know what you're saying. Why should I have an auto responder when I can't even get started yet? Believe me that was one of the mistakes I made when I started my online business.

Remember what I told you before that to succeed online you have to have three things going: a domain name, a host provider for your website and an auto responder. I tried it the bum marketing way, but it did not really make me earn money online_2.

Let us take these three things one at a time. Doing so will make it easier to learn. For the domain name, you will have to search for what is in demand and where you have a passion for. You can do this by checking out what's hot at Clickbank, Amazon like the display of games below and Google. You can also use this keyword tool.


For the domain name you will have to choose the keywords around which you will write your pages. Try not to choose keywords with supply of over 1000. The lower the supply, the better it is. And don't choose keywords with a demand below 150. In this case the higher the demand the better it is. The larger the difference between supply and demand the better it is.

When you select your keywords see https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal how they are paying out If you see $2.00, it means that is what an advertiser is paying Google to be in one of the top 3 positions. You will get a portion of that. So if you see a word is showing .30, don't even bother. I try to stay over $1.00....the more the better. This will help you earn money online_2

Write your pages with competitive keywords, but then link them to many other pages in your website that have almost zero competition. These are keywords containing 3-4 words. Write your pages with competitive keywords, but then link to many T3 that have almost zero competition.

Once you have chosen your topic, I can help you with keywords that are sorted by supply. Start writing articles on the keywords with the lowest supply and with demand of more than 500. Think of it this way. If you have 100 pages with almost zero competition and every page brings you one visitor per day. This is 100 visitors more. This approach could pull some people's sites to more than 1000 visitors.

And now you are ready to pick your domain name at Domain Sale! $7.49 .com at GoDaddy, a host for your website, and an autoresponder at http://aweber.com/?315833 You will be able to get a web form from your auto responder which in my case is aweber.

The aweber costs $19 a month but I use it because they’re the best in the business. It is a way to interact with your readers and build trust with them. But you could get a free month of trial just to see if it is going to work out for you. Anytime you need help on any of the links here, I could probably write a tutorial for you.

There is another alternative which is this: http://www.getresponse.com/index/randeg It is a bit cheaper but also works well. You may even get a free service although it will be limited. Anyway, you really need an auto responder and these two are both very good.

Now as we said before you can load the email I gave you to the auto responder. I have other emails that you can load as well. Just ask me for them and I will feature them here. Those will be permanently there. Each time someone signs up to your list, they will automatically receive these emails at intervals of your choice.

If they join up through these emails, you will earn commission and you don't have to do anything more unless you want to add more things to your auto responder. Those who join will learn about PLRWholesaler. It is an easy way for you to make sales without doing extra work. This way you will earn money online_2.

Earn money online with an auto responder? How does that work? It's an automatic way to send email and if done properly with a landing page, you can build a business. You have to have a lead capture page where you can create a list of prospects to market your business to.

You can develop a relationship with them and build trust with a series of emails through the autoresponder. This is sent consistently in order to build trust that later on can ultimately get a sale for you.

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