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Getting out of debt_4d3 with the use of the air-conditioning has been covered a lot. On the last few web pages, we’ve done topics that help save on air-conditioning from using the power strip, the use of electric fans, to modifying inside and outside the house to save on air-conditioning. Now we are ready to deal with the do it yourself variety.

1. Cool a Sheet

I read about these five do it yourself options instead of running the air-conditioning full blast, and I was intrigued. One of them has something to do with opening the window in your home. Usually people open their windows when it is hot, hoping that the action will cool the room somehow and save money to help with getting out of debt_4d3.

When it so hot that you have opened the window to cool down the room a bit and finding it not enough, then spray a sheet with cold water and hang it up to cover the window. As the breeze comes in through the window, it will of course pass through the cold sheet. This will bring with it chilly air which in turn will of course lower the temperature in the house.

You can either buy the above handy, small fan and mini-Air Conditioner. This is the original handy cooler in blue. It is portable, convenient and runs on batteries or USB. It cools the air up to 30F. Or you can build your own. How do you build one? Relax, for we will cover how to do that on the next web page.

2. Make a Temporary Air-Conditioner

When you don’t have an air-conditioner but you have an electric fan, did you know you can make a temporary air-conditioner out of the good old fan? Let me repeat that, you can create a makeshift air-conditioner out of the fan. You don’t believe me? I don’t blame you for that was how I felt when I first heard it. Here is how to do it.

Put a bowl full of ice in front of the electric fan and voila! You have a temporary air-conditioner. As the ice evaporates and melts, the air will get cooler. This is better than running the electric fan all by its lonesome self for that will not help much in getting the room cooler.

3. Put Your Windows on Schedule.When it is hot outside, close the windows to keep the air out. At night when the outside air is cooler, you can let it into your house. This will keep the temperature in the house cooler. There is a better alternative to this. Get a couple of box fans and place them strategically opposite one another.

4. Shut down all Heat-Generating SourcesI you are not working on your laptop, turn it off. Avoid drying the clothes when it is hot. And skip the use of the washing machine’s dry cycle. Turn off all the powers from the machines that you are not using. All these will help keep the temperature down and save to help in getting out of debt_4d3.

5. Make Your Own Air-ConditionerYou don’t believe me? Well, stay tuned for the next web page as this is getting too long. Just take my word for it that this is for real and is legal. It can also make any room cooler, all the way down to 60 degrees although I don’t advocate that. And this will cost you only $40. That will surely help us in our mission of getting out of debt_4d3.

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