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Getting out of debt_4d1 will get much help when we find more hidden savings in air conditioning. There are things you can modify both inside and outside your home that will result in savings, thus giving us more cash toward paying off debt.

Modify some things inside the house. Use CFL bulbs for they produce less heat and turn them off when not needed as they generate some heat too, making the air conditioning work harder. Insulate the attic and make sure it is properly ventilated. A ridge vent on the attic fan can reduce the cooling cost. Also, insulate garages and crawl spaces and install reflective window tint on the windows that get the most sun in order to reduce the absorption of heat.

Seal up all the air leaks in the house like all the places where the utilities come into the house. You may need to fill the gaps around the chimneys as well as weather-strip around the doors and windows. Close the rooms that are not in use and the cooling ducts there. Make sure the cooled air from the vents are not blocked by drapes and furniture. Doing so will raise needed money toward getting our of debt_4d1

Install ceiling fans that are energy efficient. Use them when it is too hot without running your air-conditioning. But if it is too hot, you can run the air-conditioning along with the ceiling fans. This will allow you to put up the temperature by five degrees. Don’t run the ceiling fans when you’re not in the room for it does not lower the temperature; it just helps you cool off.


Modify some things outside the house. Plant shade trees in the west side and the south of the house to lessen the heat of the sun. Plant shrubs that will provide shade near the condenser unit or make sure it is in a shady spot with room to get rid of the heated air from the house as this will make the outdoor air cooler.

Reduce the use of asphalt, cement and rock in the west and south sides of the house. Installing window awnings on the sunny side of the house will help. Next time you paint your house, use lighter colour for the exterior as the darker colour absorbs more heat. We will then realize saving money that can go toward getting out of debt_4d1

Buy the right kind of window air-conditioning unit. It should fit the size of the room and the other factors involved like the number of the windows in the room and where they’re facing. A bigger unit will work harder and cost you more. If it is a central air-conditioning system you are shopping for, make sure the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) is 13 or better, 14 for hotter climates.

Some tricks have been passed on from one generation to the next and I have room for only one on this page. This one uses two clean socks that you soak in water. After wringing them out, put them in the freezer. After an hour, take one out and put it on the back of your neck. Replace it with the other sock in the freezer.

There you have quite a few ways to keep cool in the summer and saving money at the same time. Remember that whatever money saved should go into paying off the debt so it will go much faster than if we had to shell out money to pay for air-conditioning. This way, it will be sooner that we will be getting out of debt_4d1.

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