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Getting out of debt_4c deals with finding savings on cell phones. I have heard a lot of people complain about how much they pay for their cell phones and wonder if they are doing something about it. Not that I blame them because I have had the experience of calling my cell phone provider and it so frustrating not to get anywhere with them. What I do with poor service is switch to another company.

Anyway, I know someone who pays more than $200 for her cell phones for herself and her two children. It sounds like that is too much. I think it is better to switch to a cheaper plan where there is no downloading of ringtones and no surfing on the internet. Here are ways to save money on your cell phone in order for the dream to be getting out of debt_4c will come true:

1. Buy the best deal for a cell phone. You can buy an affordable phone that can make calls, browse the web, send email and take photos. They can be budget-friendly and available for less than $40. In fact Amazon has quite a selection of affordable cell phones.

2. If you lose your job and can’t afford to continue the contract break or cancel the contract. Some companies have already allowed this. If not, call them and ask for their financial hardship policy and what they can do for you. Also you can sell your contract to someone else and that will free you from having to pay a costly penalty for this will prevent you from getting out of debt_4c.

3. Make use of a free text messaging service. TxtDrop allows you to send text for free from its website to a cell phone you want to send the message to. There are other companies that do this but this one seems to be the best among them. You can also send text messages through your Google Voice.

TxtDrop makes it possible for US and Canada users to send text messages with instant delivery without having to pay a cellular provider for sending a text message to your friend. Just write down your email address for replies, the mobile number of your friend and your message and they will send it instantly free of charge. Click this and send text message now.

4. Lower the cost of your landline or replace it with a cell phone. Do you need both cell phones and landlines. Here is a cell phone or homephone service you can try at T- Mobile where they say you can talk unlimited fot $10 a month. Perhaps this will finally make you get rid of your home wire line service especially when this comes with unlimited long distance and local calls and clearer call quality. There is a catch here though; there is always a catch isn’t there? This connection is really VoIP but different in the sense it uses a technology called UMA or unlicensed mobile access.

So there will be additional fees over and above the $10 per month, for you have to buy a HiPort router for $149.99 which is really $49.99 after an instant $100 discount and then you have to have high-speed internet. Then with an additional $5 a month you will have the best rates for international calls. I don‘t understand this for I thought they said it comes with unlimited long distance and local calls.

5. Call the Carrier to Lower the Wireless Bill Many overlook this time-tested way to lower the cell phone bill. You can lower your bill just by calling the carrier. If they have a good customer service, you should be able to cut your bill as they want to keep their customers happy. There are some techniques for you to employ that will lower your bill and will help in getting out of debt_4c.

Ask if they have any promotion. They may have newer plans that offer more minutes or lower cost. Perhaps you are using less for the plan you are paying. Request for a year’s evaluation of your usage. You may need a lower plan that costs less. Ask also about loyalty rewards for staying with their company.

For example, ask the wireless carrier if there are new data, voice and texting plans and choose one that best meets your needs for less cost. Verizon Wireless has a Nationwide Plan and an America’s Choice with different costs for similar features. Just make sure you are in the right plan. Pay only for the amount of data you use.

You can also use Google Voice which is easy to use and saves money. Besides your phone company probably does not offer this service. You can make unlimited free calls with Google Voice by just adding your Google voice number to your friends and family. With your Google Voice you can set up forwarding to your office number or your landline and you can make VOIP calls free to anyone without your cell phone.

6. If your contract is up, shop around for the best deal. BillShrink will help you find the best plan. BillShrink is a service that can help find a carrier that will provide the same service you have now and can save you money at the same time. Just tell BillShrink the name of your wireless provider now, the level of service you get and how much it cost you now. This will enable BillShrink to show you different options from competing wireless providers.

There you have the ways and means to save money on your cell phones. Now that the wireless providers have established new plans and caps on data, all the more we need to be vigilant in getting the best deals so that the sooner we will be getting out of debt_4c.

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