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Getting out of debt_4b will enable us to find hidden savngs in electricity. Saving money on the electricity does not mean you will give up being comfortable. No, you don’t have to do that because you can cut your electric bill by being aware of power consumption, using your common sense and some gadgets if you like, all without having to sacrifice anything.

Let us start with common sense, shall we? If you have a large TV and you are into technology, you may be consuming more power than an average person. For example, a Plasma TV will draw three more times power as the LCD kind. What is saved from this will help in getting out of debt_4b.

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The most common sense thing to do is to turn off all the lights that are not needed. Get LED bulbs instead of the incandescent bulbs. Use the Energy Star certified compact florescents and the bill will be lower. You see every 60 watt bulb uses .060 kWh and so having 2 to 4 bulbs in the kitchen and the bathroom is a waste of 120-240 kWh electricity per hour.

Working on a laptop for an hour uses approximately 40 to 60 watts. So turning off a light can allow one to use that energy saving to work on the laptop for an hour or use the savings to add to bill payment so one can be getting out of debt_4b sooner. It therefore makes sense to turn off the lights not needed. Leaving them on is just a waste of power and money.

Another way of saving money on the electricity is to use the thermostat. Putting it up a few degrees in the summer and down in the winter can save one lots on the heating and cooling bills. They say for every degree changed, the saving is 1% of the bill as long as the change is for eight hours.

Here’s another thing. Anything you are not using should also be unplugged. I mean not just turned off, but unplugged. Why? Because there is something called vampire drain. That TV that is turned off because no one is using it is still drawing power, if not unplugged. It is the same thing with any stereo equipment or any other appliances. Turn them off entirely.

Besides, I remember a fireman telling the Grade 8 class I was teaching that a toaster that is left plugged in can cause a fire to start. You see, it is not only saving in power and money that you get as a benefit but also it is safer to physically unplug all stuff that you do not need. Sure, you will need an extra minute to power them back up and another minute to unplug them but I believe it’s worth it.

So are we clear on this? We don’t really need the computer on all night while we sleep. Sure, it may take five or more minutes to power it up and perhaps saving about $2 a month is something one does not care about but saving $2 here and there can really add up. And that five minute wait to power up the computer? Brushing the teeth or exercising like I do while waiting for the computer to get going is not a waste of time.

And then there’s the air conditioning. Do we really have to turn it on the first minute we feel warm? I did a little experiment with my air conditioning usage and boy, what a difference a week makes. Oh there are a lot of ways you can save on airconditioning so much so I think I will devote a web page for it.

Using a smart power strip will help turn everything off. We don’t really need all our games to be on when the TV is off, do we? The same is true with the external hard drive, computer, and such. If it is a pain to have to remember to turn them off, this smart power strip will know when to turn everything off.

That smart power strip is an Auto-Off Surge Protector that controls power to six devices with the TV’s on/off button. It reduces standby power automatically. Did you know the standby power consumed by the entertainment system when not in use costs about $76 a year?

If you don’t want to manually turn things off when you don’t need them, you can use a lamp timer. Do we really need the stereo on all day even when we are not using it? We can use a lamp timer instead. This leaves us with no excuse not to save on electricity and be closer to getting out of debt_4b.

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