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Getting Out of Debt_4: Find Hidden Savings in Transportation Cost

Getting out of debt_4 work is not that easy but we have a way to go with this in the least painful manner. We have already done the first step on Know Where You Are and we did this with the help of a budget spreadsheet. Now that we know where we are we will go to the next step which is Find Where We Can Save.

From the first step we found that we were short $301. So we have to find in this step on getting out of debt_4, where we can get this money but we will not stop there What we really want is to have a goal to give ourselves a raise of 10%. So now get out that expense sheet from the first step.

What will we do with that expense sheet? Well, print it and then go through it and separate the sheep items of what we must have from the goat items that we can live without. We will try to lower the costs for the items that are not absolutely necessary.

Looking at the list, we can tell the cell phones are costing too much. You can lower that cost by eliminating such features as fancy ring tones and texting. Get just the basic coverage. After all, the phone is going to work or ring with or without those fancy ring tones. Thanks to getting out of debt_4, we will do just that.

Then there’s the cost for transportation. The rule of thumb is to spend only 6% to 15% of the money coming in for this cost. And that means insurance, gas, and auto payment. Let us take them one at a time. Saving on auto insurance is something we have to work on for there are hidden savings here. Getting our of debt_4 will show us how.


If public transportation is not your cup of tea which you could use if you ditch your car and save as much as $10,000.00 there are other options that reduce transportation costs and one of them is on the insurance. You can save hundreds if not thousands if you do your homework. Do you want getting out of debt_4 to show you how? Good, let's get going then.

We know that liability and accident benefits are what cost the most but it is not a good idea to carry less liability when the savings will only be $50 annually. Next time you buy a car, get one that is insurance-friendly. What cars cost less to insure? Getting out of debt_4 will tell you the cars that are likely to cost less to insure based on comprehensive and collision claims and here they are:

1. Pontiac Montana SV6
2. Chevrolet/Pontiac Equinox/Torrent 4DR 2WD
3. Chevrolet Impala 4DR
4. Chevrolet HHR 4DR
5. Kia Sportage 4DR 2WD
6. Chevrolet Uplander EXT
7. Hyundai Elantra 5DR
8. Buick Allure 4DR
9. Mazda Tribute 4DR AWD
10. Pontiac Montana SV6 EXT

Most insurance companies give discounts to cars that have a built-in theft deterrence. If the car you are thinking of buying does not have one, find out how much it will cost to get it installed and then ask the insurer how much discount you will be given for this.

So, whether you are a good driver or you have several tickets and you have a plain car or a hot car, check the best place to find the perfect insurance company for you at;=184282&m;=9649&urllink;=&afftrack;=|Free Car Insurance Quotes - Compare and Save!|Car|||

It is even better not to buy a new car. Why? The insurance cost is higher for new cars of course. And it’s true what they say that you lose half the value of the car the moment you leave the dealership where you bought the car. Another reason for not buying a new car is that you can save 25 to 30% on the insurance cost because you can drop the comprehensive and collision insurance on a five-year old car.

There are other ways to save money on the insurance. One is to get discounts for multiple policies like the home and auto. One gets a good discount for multiple policies. The more policies you can put together for one insurer, the more savings you will get. This one might give you a compare and save quote:

Another option is to go higher on your deductible. Call your present insurance company and ask for a new quote on the higher deductible but only if you can cover the cost if something unexpected happens.

If your current insurance will not budge, then call the ones that gave you an online quote and get them to email them to you. Be ready with the online quote you received from them as the phone call might give a higher quote but as soon as you read them the details of the online quote, they usually will honour what you got online. Get them to email you the copy of the new policy before you cancel the old one.

There you have one way to find some savings that help meet the short fall we found when we were doing the expense sheet. This one on getting out of debt_4 is only on the car insurance. There will be more hidden savings you will find; just devote one or two hours a week for your finances and pretty soon you will be getting out of debt_4.

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