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Getting out of debt _4d will find hidden savings in air-conditioning. Any savings realized from this can go toward getting out of debt. We just have to make small changes to make over the home to find alternative ways to running the air-conditioning which we will discuss on this web page and on the next two pages.

One way is to cool your drapes. You have probably already opened a window if the inside of your home is hotter than outside. Sometimes this is not enough so what you can do is to spray some cold water on a sheet and hang it up on the window opening. Now you know what is going to happen for as the breeze comes through the wet sheet it will bring with it some cold air to lower the temperature inside your home.

Stop doing anything that will generate heat. You will find when you do this, there won’t be much need to cool the home. For instance, did you know that drying your clothes in the dryer will generate so much heat, you will be tired out after half an hour of the dryer operation? Or better still avoid using the dryer by line-drying the clothes. You will see, this will get you some help on getting out of debt_4d.

The same is true with cooking; use the toaster ovens, crockpots and microwaves less or cook on the outdoor grill. As for drying the dishes, wait till the sun has set before putting the dishwasher (Hint: Use the air dry setting.) and other appliances on. Keeping the computer turned on all day produces heat. Use smart strips to turn off electronics when not in use.

Protection and Power-Efficiency Save You Money and WorryYou don't want your power strip to eat up power, but you also want assurance that your equipment is safe from harsh power surges. Ideal for computer systems and home entertainment centers, the Smart Strip LCG3 employs a proprietary auto-switching technology that automatically shuts down devices that are not in use, saving you money and reducing your overall energy usage.

The Smart Strip LCG3 is backed by a full two-year warranty for defects and includes a lifetime $30,000 connected equipment warranty.


Use the windows to your advantage. Since it is cooler at night, you can keep the windows open to let the cooler air come in. During the day when the sun is up and is hotter outside, keep the window closed including the drapes. A couple of cheap box fans can be set up strategically opposite each other, producing a nice breeze. Can you see how this can help in getting out of debt_4d?

Keep all the shades, curtain and blinds of the windows closed during the day especially in the sunny side of the house. Then in the early evening, open the drapes and the window and put a box fan on the window facing the outside. Then open the windows upstairs. The box fan blows in the cooler air and blows out the hot air out.

Install a programmable thermostat. Then, set it to raise the temperature when you aren't home (78 when you‘re home and 85 when you‘re out). Make sure the lamps and other things that produce heat are placed away from the thermostat because they will make your air-conditioning run more.

These are four of the ways one can save on air-conditioning. There are so many of them they cannot be given justice by just mentioning each one. Each one needs some sort of explanation to drive home the point of its importance to getting out of debt_4d.

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