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Getting out of debt_4d2 gets help from finding hidden savings in air conditioning. We covered things we could do both inside and outside the house to realize the savings goal we want to reach. This time we will deal with five effective alternatives to running the air conditioner.

Fans, How to Get the Most From ThemHere is something I haven’t even thought of. Don’t point the electric fan at the place you are trying to make cool. Neither should you put it close to a window facing in. Some people found these two methods an exercise of futility if you want to keep moving air around. So how do we do it so we can save money to help with getting out of debt_4d2?

Open the window and face the fan out. Then go to another room and open the window there but make sure the door between the two rooms are open. Now what do you think is the result of this experiment? You have just made a cooling draft of moving air around rather than moving hot air around. This way you can say goodbye to pushing cool air into a stifling room.

There are some other things you can do with the above. Here’s how you can make the window fan work great. It works better if you use a box fan. Also turn it on only in the evening when the temperature has dropped to below 75 degrees and turn them off when the temperature has risen above 70 degrees or you leave and close the windows. After turning the window fan off, make sure you close the blinds or shades right away.

To generally improve the cooling, know what to do when the climate is dry or if it is wet. When the climate is dry and the humidity is below 40% you can wet a few towels to hang all around the house. Don’t do that when the climate is wet and the humidity is over 60%. What you need then will be a humidifier.

Words of Wisdom Handed Down From One Generation to Another

Put anything cold or ice cubes on your wrist pulse or neck pulse or even on your earlobes. Do you notice a difference when you put the cool stuff on some other parts of your anatomy? No, for it feels cooler when you put the ice cubes on the pulse points. Keeping cooler like this will help in not having to run the air conditioner which will save money that can go toward getting out of debt_4d2.

Here’s another tip using ammonium carbonate or ammonia spirits. (Don’t make the mistake of using the household cleaning ammonia as it is quite different.) Anyway, mix 1.5 oz of ammonia spirits with one gallon of ice water in a cooler along with two small towels. Whenever you feel too hot, rub the towel on the skin. That will have a cooling effect and the money saved from not having to run the airconditioner will help in getting out of debt_4d2.

Here’s another one which essentially is putting a wet cool bandanna on the back of the neck. The difference between placing the bandanna on your neck instead of the face is that the one placed on the neck cools the blood as it goes up the spine to the brain. The cool brain makes you think you’re cooler than you feel.

There you go, we have found yet other hidden savings from the use of the air conditioning. We really have to use just our common sense at times. The reward is not only from the feeling of having done our share in conserving energy but also in saving money that can go toward getting out of debt_4d2.

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