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Getting out of debt_4d4 is the current topic of choice and on this we’ve covered ways to serve on air-conditioning from those things common sense dictates to those that are do-it-yourself variety. We will expand on the last one by making our own air-conditioner and swamp cooler.

Being able to make it cheaply and portable will be the best alternative to air-conditioning, won’t it? The current version does not waste water because an aquarium pump is used to push the water via a tube loop which is underwater in a cooler filled with ice.

This air-conditioner was invented by college students while attending summer school in a dorm that does not have an air-conditioner. This can be used anywhere there is no air-conditioner like in attics, tool shed, garage or any room there is no air-conditioning. Before building one, familiarize yourself with the school policies regarding portable air-conditioners. Look below how much it will cost you if you don’t build one.

Some universities and colleges are worried that students could make their dorm rooms too cool, skyrocketing the electric bills which of course the students do not have to pay. There may also be legitimate concern about units that are not properly put up that could fall off the buildings. Of course they are not too concerned about the students getting out of debt_4d4.

Once you know what is legal or not, You can start by buying the materials you need for your portable air-conditioner which will cost approximately $40. Here are the materials to shop for: 10 ft of ¼” copper tubing, some ¼” inner-diameter rubber tubing, 2 small hose clamps, 2 buckets, around 50 zip-ties, a floor-standing fan and tools.


1. Remove or detach the face of the fan and put it on the working table.

2. Coil the copper tubing around the fan face, using zip ties to attach each section to the fan page around 6 inches apart, ensuring that both ends shoot out the bottom of the fan face.

3. Use hose clamps to fix firmly the rubber tubing to either end of the copper tubing. Note that the newly cut copper is extra sharp so sand the edges before working on the tubing.

4. Fill one bucket with water and place it on a ledge or desk or on anything above ground level.

5. Siphon the water to the bucket on the floor through the contraption.

6. Last but not least, turn on the fan.

This one could cool you without getting out of debt_4d4. There is a simpler one though to build and it is called a swamp cooler. For this you will need 1 box fan, 2 five gallon buckets, 2 yards of burlap, water, 2 stands (bricks can do) that can hold buckets filled with water and are around half the height of the fan.

Place the buckets on the stands with the fan in the middle between the two stands. These should be near the fan but not touching it. Pour water onto the buckets each ¾ full and place the ends of the burlap in each bucket and stretching this in front of the fan. Wait several minutes before turning on the fan that is facing the room.

There you have built either the portable air conditioner or the swamp cooler. Either way you can keep yourself cool without having to fork out a lot of money which will certainly not help us achieve our goal of getting out of debt_4d4.

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