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Earn money online_4 must make you wonder what it is all about. You must ask yourself in which website will you promote this product if you don't have one. Well, there's the Squidoo Lens that I showed you how to do and Hub pages which I have not shown you yet.

Of course you can also promote this in your blog which you can do for free at http://www.blogger.com and http://wordpress.com . Then I have some other tricks in my sleeves which I will tell you later. We are just lucky to have this product, the PLR Wholesaler, to promote and it has everything at our disposal.

Now check the statistics of your website as to which pages get the most view. I belong to the Site Build It group where I can easily get these statistics. I am very happy with this group because it has everything I need and it will not stop me in the middle to say I have used up all the space and have to buy more. With this group, I have everything I need and my sites can be seen 24/7.

Now make sure you put the following in relevant pages. For example I have two websites with SBI. One is on diabetes and the other is on debt into wealth. Guess where I can put the banners I will show you here. Of course not in my diabetes website.

Here are the codes that you are free to use. When you join PLRWholesaler, you will be given the codes with your affiliate link already built in and whenever someone joins, you will get paid a commission. You will copy this code into the HTML of your website. The first banner is the 120X60:

Banner 125x125

There are other banners that you can use that this guru is going to supply you so that you can earn money online_4. But this is not all. You can put your affiliate link in the thank you emails.

"Thank you" emails are the most read emails so this is the perfect opportunity for a backend sale. Whether you're saying thanks for joining your newsletter or for buying a product, always include one of these short ads along with your affiliate link below. Just click on one of the seven links as they are all the same.

Just put one of the following at the end of a thank you email. You can use any of the following: ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS: Expand Your Business Or Start A New One With This Massive PLR Package. Find out how right here: http://plrwholesaler.com/download/clk.php?pid=2&a;=46855

Create Your Own Virtual Empire With This Unbelievable Collection of FREE Private Label Rights Products. Find out how right here: http://plrwholesaler.com/download/clk.php?pid=2&a;=46855

Finally, Everything You Need to Create Your Own Virtual Empire â?? Private Label Articles, Ebooks, Audios and More. Find out how right here: http://plrwholesaler.com/download/clk.php?pid=2&a;=46855

Don't Miss Out! Get This Amazing Collection of Private Label Rights Products For FREE. Find out how right here: http://plrwholesaler.com/download/clk.php?pid=2&a;=46855

Introducing the LARGEST and MOST COMPLETE Collection of PLR Products and They're All Yours For FREE!. Find out how right here: http://plrwholesaler.com/download/clk.php?pid=2&a;=46855

Discover the Quickest and Easiest Way to Become an Author â?? Don't Miss This Massive Collection of Free PLR Products . Find out how right here: http://plrwholesaler.com/download/clk.php?pid=2&a;=46855

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Here's an ad you can put at the bottom of your thank you page. He will give you the code with your affiliate link on it. There are others but I won't put them all here:

Unadvertised Bonus
Get your hands on Gabor Olah's Lifetime Private Label Rights Membership. This is a $197 value and worth the price of this package alone.

This package includes tons of private label articles, ebooks, software, header templates.

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There you have the ways you can promote this product, PLRWholesaler, so you can earn some commission. As detailed above, you have everything you need to promote this in your website, in thank you emails and thank you pages. This is one way to earn money online_4.

If you want to make any comments or other feedback, please fill in the contact form below so I can send you my email address. This is to avoid spam.

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