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Earn money online_5 is the next step and here there will be help on how to advertise in order to drive traffic to your site. Granted this is only one way to get people to visit but it sure is one you could start to employ with no cost or very little depending on your resources.

Submit to these classified ads as often they show up in search engine results so you could get a lot of traffic from there. And the traffic is not just any kind but it is the targeted type. Sometimes affiliate links are not allowed but you can put a link to your review page.


The first one in the list is http://Craigslist.com Affiliate link is not allowed here but you can put your url address down below the ad that you will write. This is the seventh most visited website in the wide world web with close to ten billion views per month.

Just like the first one on Craigslist, the following also does not cost you a cent. Post an ad on http://classifieds.myspace.com

When you advertise here, you are allowed to upload a graphic. If you don't know how to do that, just let me know in my contact form and I will set up a tutorial page in my site at http://www.debtchallenges.com

You can also post an ad at http://classifieds.yahoo.com Make sure you post there as Yahoo is the most visited internet site in the world wide web. Then there is the http://usfreeads.com which Google loves. Affiliate links are allowed so this is another plus factor. The only thing is that gold membership costs $9.99 a year. You will be allowed a maximum of twenty-five ads but the gold membership will allow you to upgrade for unlimited posts at $6.99 a month instead of $14.95.

You can also go to http://eBay.com where you can post an ad for $10 for a whole month but you can earn this back plus make more than twice your cost from the video that another guru sent me which I will try to make available for you. The largest market place in the web is eBay so you can be sure you will earn money online_5 out of your posts.

This guru we are following is bent on having anyone of us earn money online_5 because if we do, then he earns something also in return so he gives such super affiliate tips like this one: offer a freebie with purchase. Tell them that if they buy or join, you will give them free consultation or a free ebook. Here are also some of the ads you can post all ready for you:

***Create Your Own Info Products In Hours – Instead of Months!Imagine if you could have a new product ready to sell within a few hours instead of slaving away for weeks. Well, now you can! Join PLRWholesaler and get thousands of pieces of content that you can use as your own. Find out more at...==> http://plrwholesaler.com/download/clk.php?pid=2&a;=46855

***Are You Still Struggling to Make A Dime Online?Too many online marketers spend months or even years spinning their wheels. What they don't understand is that you MUST have a steady stream of content if you want your business to succeed. Discover the easiest way to get free content that you can use as your own...==> http://plrwholesaler.com/download/clk.php?pid=2&a;=46855

***Struggling to Find Content For Your Website, Newsletter and Blog? It doesn't have to be difficult! With PLRWholesaler you get free access to articles, audios, ebooks and more that you can use as your own. Sell them, give them away, combine them, split them up. It's entirely up to you! And remember, it's all yours for free. Get started now...==> http://plrwholesaler.com/download/clk.php?pid=2&a;=46855

***Create Your Own Content Empire, Without Writing a Word Yourself
Do you know what all of the most successful online marketers have in common? They all sell their own products. Now you can have your own product line even if you're not a strong writer. Learn how...==> http://plrwholesaler.com/download/clk.php?pid=2&a;=46855

Isn’t that nice of him to provide us with the ads? All we have to do after we open an account to the aforementioned classified ads sites is copy one of the ads and paste it on the appropriate place on the template they will provide you. If you have problem with this, just shoot me a question in my contact form. You go ahead and practice doing that until you get comfortable. Then you will be all set to earn money online_5.

Earn Money Online But You've Got to Advertise
To earn money online, you need to advertise. You have to promote your business on the internet. People search for something they need on the Internet so include the page of your website that you need the readers to see. Your ad could get links to your site and get extra traffic not to mention you are helping others with the information in your site. You can also advertise in an email newsletter.

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