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Earn money online_6 is easy if you are the type who goes frequently to message boards and forums where you are allowed to add your signatures after your posts. Ditto for those who belong to email groups. There you can tell the people in your group about the great product you found.

Mind you, most boards and groups do not allow apparent advertising but they do not mind you to include a few lines in your signature on anything you want to promote. This can create traffic, exposure and clickthroughs for you. You can also include the signature in all your personal and business emails.

The other alternative to earn money online_6 is to write ads for your signature. But then your signature is already some type of a mini advertisement. By making it as enticing and powerful as possible and the readers find this so, they will reward you with click throughs.

You are free to use the following signatures or you may get your own so you can earn money online_6. If they do not allow affiliate links, you can link to your review page.

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The next step in the continuing saga of our journey to earn money online_6 is social bookmarking your affiliate link. This is one of the most effective tools to get traffic to your site and therefore to your affiliate link. One tool that will automatically social bookmark your affiliate link is http://onlywire.com

Anytime you write an article or post an ad or anything else for that matter, you should try to submit it to your favorite social bookmarking sites. Of course you have to sign up for them which is an easy thing to do and it is all for free. Any time you want to join anyone of them, just google the site and follow their instruction for becoming a member.

Here are the top 20 social bookmarking websites:

1. Twitter has 760,000 inbound links; 23,579,044 complete monthly visitors; and 13 Alexa ranking.

2. Digg has 383,598,000 inbound links; 33,433,760 complete monthly visitors; 11,4000,000 Quantcast monthly visitors; and 182 Alexa ranking.

3. Yahoo! Buzz has 20,031,000 inbound links; 8,119,906 complete monthly visitors; 3,600,000 Quantcast monthly visitors and I was unable to get the Alexa ranking.

4. Tweetmeme has 422,863 inbound links; 18,244,542 complete monthly visitors; 2,300,000 Quantcast monthly visitors; and 1,898 Alexa ranking.

5. StumbleUpon has 234,000,000 inbound links; 4,418,609 complete monthly visitors; 1,100,000 Quantcast monthly visitors; and 362 Alexa ranking.

6. Reddit.com has 161,685,000 inbound links; 4,908,990 complete monthly visitors; 1,300,000 Quantcast monthly visitors; and 441 Alexa ranking.

7. Technorati.com has 175,287,000 inbound links; 3,309,174 complete monthly visitors; 2,000,000 Quantcast monthly visitors; and 662 Alexa ranking.

8. Delicious has 427,665,000 inbound links; 1,623,083 complete monthly visitors; 317,000 Quantcast monthly visitors; and 2476 Alexa ranking.

9. Kaboodle.com has 2,600,000 inbound links; 3,941,212 complete monthly visitors; 2,500,000 Quantcast monthly visitors; and 1694 Alexa ranking.

10. Mixx.com has 16,005,000 inbound links; 879,108 complete monthly visitors; 2,200,000 Quantcast monthly visitors; and 645 Alexa ranking.

There are twenty top sites that I found but I am surprised not to find Facebook among them when it should be among the top ten. Anyway, I am just reporting on the top ten and not the twenty because you could just get too busy and forget your very own business. You should not lose sight of the fact that although you give the best service, still you want to earn money online_6.

So remember that adding a link to your website in your email signature will generate some traffic who may be interested in your offers. It is the same way in the forums if you pick carefully those that are related to your niche. As for social bookmarking, look for those interested in making money online. Add them to your list and once you are in theirs, you can communicate with them.

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