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Make money online_10 is all about creating a squidoo lens and posting your articles there. Don't do this before your blog is set up either at or Why? It is because we post our article there before we post it in our squidoo lens. So now we are ready to deal with Step 8 but let‘s review the steps we are taking on this journey so far.

  • Step 1: Select a profitable niche.
  • Step 2: Find the questions and problems people have in the chosen niche.
  • Step 3. Choose the affiliate products to promote.
  • Step 4. Find the three key phrases that will help market the products.
  • Step 5. Write articles on each of the key phrases.
  • Step 6. Submit articles to Article Directories.
  • Step 7. Create a Blog Rich in Keywords.
  • Step 8. Create a Squidoo Lens.

Squidoo lens is our next step now that we have some knowledge of creating a word press blog. More work? Of course, but don't you worry for you have me to guide you along step-by-step. Rome was not built in one day so why should we expect this to be finished in one day?


First of all, what in heaven's name is squidoo lens? It's just another name for a web page. And why should we do it? What does it have to do with how to make money online_10? It is free and fun to do, but it can also earn you money and increase your page rank with Google.

So how do we make a squidoo lens? Well the first thing to do is to read their terms of service. You will have to know the rules that Squidoo goes by. Reading the terms will also let you know if you can live with them. I find that they have fair terms because usually what you write is not yours when the vehicle is free, but in this case it is yours to keep. Here is where you will find the terms .

Have you read the Terms of Agreement? Are you in acceptance of the terms? Then now we have to register. This is the only way we will be able to create lens, that is if we have an account. Once you are also a member, you will be able to vote for the other lens. Click this to register: and hit get started.

You input the following information: your first name, last name, email address, password. You will be asked to input the email and password twice to make sure there is no typographical error. After that, they will welcome you as the newest member. I will have to wait till next week to show you the step-by-step way to create a squidoo lens.

Meantime, you will have four choices. You can either search for something you like to find, search for Squidoo Top 100 (my personal recommendation as this will give you an incentive to do something much better than the top 100), get help and the last one? Start creating your own lens so you can make money online_10.

Make Money Online With Squidoo
Make money online with squidoo? It is possible and there are many ways to do it, so many you could make a living with it. I will give you a glimpse of this. Squidoo is where you can turn into an expert in an area where you have a passion for and get paid in the process.

Why? Because Squidoo lets you write articles, add your favorite links and pictures and plenty of money making-modules like amazon, ebay, and adsense. You can even earn money for referring people to squidoo. Isn't that great? It just takes time to learn all about them. As I get some time watch for the info here.

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