Financial Tune-Up - Part 9d1 Save More Money With Unusual Tips

Learn Some Unusual Tips to Save on Groceries like buying canned, frozen and dried foods with the same nutritional value as the fresh ones.  Can you add more?   

Financial tune-up is part of getting the finances in order and for this we worked on how to save money a little more.  On the last page, we dealt with how to save money with the use of the unusual tips and covered the first four.  For this web page we will deal with saving money using more of the unusual tips. 

5.  Checking out sales at health food markets and coops is also a good thing to do for they do have sales sometimes.  The markdowns are not always big but they do make prices more appealing and the organic foods more affordable.

6. Buying in bulk will save you money too.  This does not mean you will buy a lot of a single product.  No, for what it means is to buy more of an assortment of fruits and vegetables.  You can also buy things in bulk like rolled oats, baking powder, cooking oil, cinnamon for these are cheaper instead of the ones that are pre-packaged. 

Here’s a Video on Buying in Bulk Can Save You a Ton at the Register

7. Compare the prices at the different stores so you know where to get the groceries.  Some price match the other stores offer.  Before going shopping look over the prices in the flyers and see what deals are offered during the week. 
8.  Limiting the number of times to eat out and cooking more at home can help save a little bit more.  You will be able to save money if you eat out only once a week or once a month.  Any savings can go towards buying organic fruits and vegetables. 

9.  Counting in the big box stores could be a good idea as they sometimes make a deal with local farmers making their prices for the local produce not more expensive than at the farmers' market.  Besides, they often try to undercut the other stores.

10.  Buying canned, frozen and dried foods are cheaper than the fresh ones and have equal nutritional value.  You also don't have to use them all at once unlike fresh foods that may have a shorter life span than the frozen foods that you can use just a portion and reseal.  Sometimes though buying fresh foods is better so check out which sale offers the best benefit.

11.  Becoming a vegetarian will help save money as meat is really expensive but I don't advocate anyone to become totally vegetarian.  There are delicious meatless meals.  In fact, my favorite burger is the vegetable burger at Hard Rock Cafe in Manhattan. 

13. Creating an organized grocery list can save not only money but time as well.  You will end up not letting impulse buying as your guide.  They say it will cost one $1 dollar a minute if you stay for thirty minutes longer.  Go grocery shopping only once a week and start the list with the things you always need like for us it's lactose free skim milk and then just add what we are getting low on.  Then we plan the meal that will be based on what are on sale and check the coupons to see what we can use. 

14. Joining a  Community Supported Agriculture of farmers who use organic or biodynamic farming methods that connect directly with consumers offering them fruits, vegetables and herbs in season, can help. Consumer buys a share before the season starts and accepts the risk with the farmers.

15. Buying foods in season is another not-so-unusual tip that will help save money a little bit. The freshest food could be cheaper if you knew where to get them. There are sites that will allow you to input your location and season and it will show where to find the foods in season near you like this one

16. Another unusual tip in order to save money is to Grow Your Own Organic Garden. Here you will discover a Way To Grow Up to TEN Times the Amount Of Organic Produce In the Same Area of Ground, Use 70% Less Energy, And Absolutely Revolutionize your way of growing your own organic garden.


There you have the rest of the unusual tips to save a little bit more.  Now that we know where we can save and have an emergency fund, we will be ready to examine our financial plan in details like starting or checking up the investments so we can move along with our financial tune-up.

Your Turn

How about you?  Do you save money on groceries?  How do you do it?  Please share with us your tips so more people can take advantage of them and save money in the process.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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