Financial Tune-Up - Part 9d Save Money a Little More With Unusual Tips 

Learn how to save a little bit more with one surprising way to use the car and growing your own organic fruits and vegetables the easy way. 

Financial tune-up is something we have to work on if we want to get ahead financially.  That is why we have been working on this very topic.  To save money a little bit more, we explored on previous pages how to save on pets, cut credit cards, movies, fancy coffee drinks, club memberships, cable, magazine subscriptions and own hair. 

Some people also borrow movies and books from the library and grow their own fruits and vegetables, swap clothes, shoes and accessories and use coupons.  And now we will deal with how to save a little bit more with the use of some unusual tips to get on track with our financial tune-up.

Here’s a video on How To Grow your Own Vegetables

Would you believe that some people plan their week in advance and figure which day of the week they will leave the car at home?  So they make sure they have done all the errands that require the use of the car like lugging groceries to the house and driving kids to their activities. 

Doing this once a week will save one 52 days of car-free days, saving not only on fuel but also on the wear and tear of the car.  Doing this also makes us less dependent on the car.  Planning a more enjoyable day on the car-free day each week will also make this a more permanent way to save money a little bit more, making the effort at financial tune-up more enjoyable.

We also don't have to buy books.  No, I don't advocate not reading books just to save a little bit of money.  It is just that most books are available in the local library.  If it is not there, you can always request the library to buy it and make it available for their patrons to read.

You can also stop buying paper towels.  Not only will you save money from using tea towels instead but also you will be kinder to the environment.  I heard someone say that a paper towel could cost a tree to be cut down.  Not having enough trees in turn could cause flooding.  And you know how devastating this could be.

Send electronic greeting cards to family and friends.  This will save you the cost of buying a birthday card for example that could cost as much as $5 each and on top of that you will have to buy stamps to send it.  Again the environment will smile at you for being kind. 

You can grow your own produce in good soil and compost by buying an organic packet of seeds you can plant in early spring.  If you do not have space, consider pots.  This way you can be sure the vegetables you eat are organic and are free from pesticides and chemicals.  This will also ensure that what you eat is not genetically modified organisms.

You can also stop your cable TV subscription.  There are really no good TV shows anyway.  Instead read library books and watch the DVDs you have accumulated.  By the way, libraries also lend out DVDs and you can also swap them with friends.  This will help us reach our financial tune-up goals,

If you can't grow your own vegetables, don't give up on organic foods just because you have a tight budget and have to juggle the money to pay the bills.  With a little research you can still buy organic products.  You can do it through any of the following:

1.  Some grocery stores have coupons where you can buy products worth $25 and save $5. 

2.  Some companies have coupons you can download and print to save you a little bit of money on organic foods.  One such company is  I am sorry that is not clickable but I am not allowed to do that so just copy and paste that onto your web browser.

3.  You can also join a co-op where you can save a little bit of money sometimes even a considerable amount of dough.   Some of them do not charge others who are not members to shop at their stores.  Joining them though is a good idea that could save you a bundle.

4. Or you can buy fresh organic products at the Farmers' Markets. This website can help you find the farmers market near you. Get your organic products around closing time as they might be more willing to negotiate the price so they don't have to take their products back home. .


There you have some unusual tips to save a little bit more.  There are more really but I will save that for the next web page.  Anyway what is important is to implement what is read and check out which ones help you the most and then come back to tell us about it.  That is how we can get going with our financial tune-up.

Your Turn

Please share with us some unusual tips that help you save a little bit more in the comment box below. 

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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