Financial Tune-Up - Part 9c Save Money On Cars


Financial tune-up is a necessary task to get on the road to financial independence.  Part of that work is trying to save a little bit more from using a car.  With the sky-rocketing prices on gasoline, we have to find ways and means to find savings anyway we can. 

Did you know cars need some tender loving care?  And when you do so, it will love you right back.  So how do you show love to your car so we can save a little bit more?  It is to make certain that the fuel system is clean.  There are deposit build-up in the fuel system that need cleaning.

Here’s a video on Simple Car Maintenance Prevents Expensive Repairs

Why do we have to clean the fuel system?  It is because a dirty fuel system releases more harmful emission, makes the engine run rough and lessens the gas mileage.  Okay I am sold to the idea which brings us to the next question.  How do we clean up the fuel system?   

Well, giving the car special care is not a very hard thing to do.  It is because of Additech’s Super Mileage booster.  What is that?  It is the only one of its kind fuel system cleaner that blends into the fuel as it is pumped, quick and easy.  Then this blended fuel system cleans the engine parts as we drive.  Cool, huh?

How can it be easier than that?  It is an automated system that cleans the fuel system right at the gas pump while we are filling our car with gas.  The Additech’ super mileage booster is actually composed of three different chemistries that together clean the engine deposits and protect the vital parts of the fuel system.  Here are the three chemistries:

1.  It has the polyetheramine detergent that operates in harsh temperature situations and so can lower combustion chamber deposits and keeps the intake valves and fuel injectors clean which decreases the octane requirement increase which reduces or gets rid of the propensity of the engine to knock. 

2.  It contains mannich detergent that keeps the fuel injectors and intake valves clean.  In addition, it removes the existing deposits.

3.  The third chemistry the additech’s fuel additives has is the friction modifier that lessens the engine’s frictional losses in the ring land area between the cylinder wall and the piston.  It also helps increase the FM in the engine oil thus providing fuel economy. 

The question now is that how can we be sure if the super mileage booster is accurately put into the tank?  It is accurate because it is mixed with the gasoline as you pump.  Also the National Conference of Weights and Measures and the equipment is regularly inspected by them. 

It is easy because the cost for the Additech is shown as a separate charge and just added to the gasoline total.  So you see it is convenient, it increases the gas mileage, cleans the fuel system and reinstates the performance of the car.

We need gas anyway so while pumping gas we might as well add a little bit of TLC to the car.  Additech believes so much in this product that they even offer money back guarantee.  And you can save even more if you use the right kind of  credit cards that offer 5% cash back for gas purchase. 

Check out if this can reveal and fix problems that mechanics usually charge $250+ p/h for. They say this can make your car run better and faster + save money and time on repairs. We have not tried it though but you can try it for 2 whole months from today play with it — and make up your mind if you want to keep it. And if for whatever reason it doesn't save you tons of time, effort, money and remove frustration in regards to car servicing, repair and tuning — then simply email the vendor and he'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot.

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