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Reduce credit card debt_1 by learning which products usually go on sale on which month. This way you can plan your purchases according to when the particular items go on sale. Knowing this could save you thousands of dollars. You don't really have to buy things at full price.

So what goes on sale in January? Well, there are those after holiday sales and fall products sales. Sports equipment, rugs, computers and other electronics also go on sale this month. So do furniture, bed and bath linens. And do you know when is the best time to buy appliances? January, that's right.

February is the best time to buy perfumes, jewelry and gift items. Furniture, floor coverings and other housewares also go on sale this month. So do electronics. So even if you want or think you need one of these items, surely you could wait for the next month to buy the stuff. Then you can cut expenses.


How about March? Well this is the best month to buy any of the following items: china, clothing for spring, luggage, gifts for a wedding, any outdoor winter sports gear, air conditioners, garden supplies and washers and dryers. Can you see the logic of this?

For April, it is best to buy spring clothing, your European vacation and cruises. To illustrate this point, we signed up for an Asian cruise to eight countries at almost half the price. Yes, folks, you heard that right. Then for home projects, paint and wall paper and yard and supplies for the garden are on sale in April. So are furniture and bridal gowns that could save you up to 70%.

May is the best time to reduce credit card debt_1 when you buy Mother's day gifts, watches, silver, furniture, linens and towels, and also wedding gowns. For the athlete in you, clothing and shoes are on sale this month. Items for maintaining your home and cruises and European vacations will also help reduce credit card debt_1.

What are on sale for June? Appropriately they are Dad's gifts, cologne for men and fishing and camping gear. Summer items and clothing are on sale this month too. So are televisions and building materials. Don't wait till December to buy the storm windows for they are at their peak in prices then. Buy them in June instead when they go on sale.

For July bargain sales, I am surprised to find air conditioners. Supplies and clothes for school are in their best prices this time of the year. Don't wait till September is closing down on us to buy school supplies. Summer items and sports equipment for summer are also in the list of bargain sales this month.

What's up for sale in August? Well the same supplies and clothing in school are on sale. So are clothing for summer like sandals and bathing suits. Linens and towels are also on sale this month. Don't buy your garden and lawn equipment at the beginning of the garden season but almost at the end like in August when they go on sale.

Buying clothes for the summer and outdoor grills in September will reduce the credit card debt_1 because that's when they go on sale. Oddly enough, winter clothes like scarves, gloves and coats are on sale in these dying days of summer. So are bicycles, lawn furniture and housewares.

In October, you can still find bargains in winter wear. Crystal, glassware and silver are also on sale this month. So is the fishing equipment. It is best to buy your house this month too. I will let you in on a secret that most people know to the point it does not qualify as a secret anymore. Buy last year's car models this month and you will be in for a nice surprise.

Houses are still listed as one of the bargain sales in November. So are space heaters, winter clothes and blankets and quilts. I don't know of anything else that goes on sale in November, but if you have some information on any of this, please let us know so we can inform people and help reduce credit card debt_1.

Ah, December, here we come! What are on sale this month? There's clothing, holiday cards, gifts, wrapping papers and other items pertaining to holiday are on sale. The appliances go on sale this month, too. So if you think, your fridge is on its last dying breath, buy it this month.

There you have what to buy and when the best time to buy each item. A little wait can spell the difference most of the time. So take your time for a little sacrifice will go a long way. Only after you have done this homework will you be able to help reduce credit card debt_1.

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