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Bank 2.0: How Customer Behavior and Technology Will Change the Future of Financial Services

Reduce credit card debt? Sure, this can be done. Thankfully, there are a lot of web sites that tell people how to do this for some are so busy, they hardly have time to go to their banks. First, how does one get into this? Busy men and women working everyday are making their credit cards a necessity. They somehow make their life easier and comfortable at the same time. We can all agree that it’s because of our lifestyle today that we have come to this dilemma.

We love beautiful things surrounding us in exchange for many hours at work. But a lot seem to depend on credit cards for these. Never thinking that borrowing more than what we is earned can lead to trouble. Here is where the problem starts. Now the question is how to reduce credit card debt. There are some steps to consider to help with this seemingly daunting task.

The first step is to face the fact that the debt is getting unmanageable. It will not change the fact that money is owed on those credit cards. But at least the knowledge that something has to be done has come to the point that taking actions on the issue as soon as possible cannot wait any longer.

The second step would be to ask the credit card agents if they can do something about the interest rates. Due to competitions of credit card companies, they have a way to help lessen the interest rate. Let them know that there are other credit card issuers offering cheaper rates than what they are charging their customers.

Here, hopefully, they will listen and allow some bargaining so that the customers will find it more convenient to continue the relationship thinking it will not be too hard to make payment. Just saying “I don’t want to leave you but I need a cheaper rate for my card” will often times do the trick.

The third step is to find out if there are cards available to do some balance transfer from the current card to another one. This way some interest will be lowered. Wait for the statement of account to see if the balance transfer has cleared.

There is even no need to wait for the statement to arrive. Just call to find out and to make sure, going online to check it out will certainly give some peace of mind. Normally, a credit card offers 5 months with 0% interest.

After seeing that the balance transfer has cleared, then the debt has been transferred to the new card with a 0% interest for 5 months rather than having at least 16% interest in the previous one. Be aware though that some credit card companies have the right to prevent the balance transfer from one card to another.

The last step is to start the payment to help reduce credit card debt. If there are other loans, start paying off the card with the highest interest. Some start paying the one with least balance because it will be paid sooner and the psychological impact is great.

Just pay only the minimum amount with the other debts and start paying off the debt with the least amount with the use of all the spare cash available. Do this to make sure the burden of paying off the debt will see the end of the tunnel much sooner than later.

As long as the monthly payment is made in a timely fashion, there is nothing to worry about. Doing this will certainly help. Try to be committed to the payment schedule though and to resist spending money that is not there to spend. Everybody can do this. I know a couple who ate potatoes and rice for a year to get out of debt. So follow the steps to reduce credit card debt.

Reduce credit card debt? It is more possible now that President Barack Obama signed the reforms restricting credit card interest rates and fees that will help the credit-weary consumers.

Mind you this does not mean we are getting a free pass for we still have to live within our means and pay for what we owe and the financial institutions are expected to act responsibly. The trouble is there will be backlash as banks may raise rates, charge annual fees, etc.

Bank 2.0: How Customer Behavior and Technology Will Change the Future of Financial Services

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