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Best debt consolidation company? I thought you'd never ask. This is something one has try to research for if this is the only solution to the financial problem. First though, let me show you how to research this so that you will avoid the three worst moves you'll ever make when it comes to this type of problem.

We will deal with these worst three moves one at a time. For this web page, we will deal with one which is believing a consolidation company's promise that they will take care of the whole situation. They'll say they will do everything, negotiate for lower interest and reduce the monthly payments. And all you have to do is make one monthly payment.

The truth of the matter is that they will charge you anywhere from 10 to 15% of your monthly payment. That will be an extra cost to you of $50 to $75 a month on a monthly payment of $500. True, most of them will send your monthly payment to the creditor and just keep the extra cost to themselves, but you have to beware of a few who won't even send your monthly payment to the creditor.


Why would you have to do this when you can do it yourself? I think the best debt consolidation company is you. You can negotiate a lower interest rate by calling the creditors and telling them that you are in a bind. That you can't pay for what you owe them. Most of them will want to settle with you rather than lose the whole amount you owe them.

Usually you succumb to what they say to you because they will try to scare you into action. Just say that you’re looking for the best debt consolidation company. Don’t let them make you decide something because of their shenanigans. Keep your wits about you and you will be fine. Of course, this works better when you start early trying to solve the debt problem.

To look for the best debt consolidation company, I researched and pretended I was deep in debt. Some really frightened me by saying it will take me three decades to pay off my debt. But that with their company it will only take four and a half years. Let me tell you, I almost signed up until I remember that my debt was bogus.

I put my imaginary debt into the MSN Money Debt Consolidator, I found out I will be debt free after three years and five months. Mind you, I would have to pay a little extra to each card. You see, it pays to do a research to make sure whatever you decide to do is a smart money move.

If you still want to go through a company, I can recommend a few but not right now. I am still researching them and I like to make sure you get what you deserve. But really, why pay when you can do it yourself? Ask for a repayment schedule that will lengthen the period but lower the monthly cost.

Another reason to do it yourself is that a few may not send your payment on time and worst, may miss sending your payment to the creditor and you will be left holding the bag. On the next page we will discuss the two other worst moves you can make. So you see you are the best debt consolidation company!

Best Debt Consolidation Company, the Good and the Bad PointsBest debt consolidation company will have benefits like lower interest rates and monthly payment, no more calls that harass you, different bills are put together into one, and fees are reduced to less number of years and your credit could improve.

The bad points come in when you miss or be late in payment. You can't make a big-item purchase during the program Also don't charge any more and make balance transfer during the years you're on consolidation.

If you're looking for this, there will be a ranking chart available at . Just click companies on the navigation above and this will take you to the ranking in your state of choice.

Their ranking chart provides information on the debt consolidation company in whatever state you are residing. The companies are ranked based on their accreditation and services they offer.

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