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From time to time we will report on news that could help solve financial problems. We scoured the net for such news and posted comments on those that may impact you. Those comments are here for you for easy access. Try to click on the link that will take you to the full story as soon as possible before the news provider deletes it. At any rate, if it should happen, the comment may still help you.


50 Ways to Save $1,000 a Year

These 50 ways to save a thousand a year are a great way to improve one's financial health. Paying attention to them will certainly pay dividends in the long run. I will tweet this and put it in facebook so I can spread the word because with the global economy picture the way it is, there is no better time to implement those saving strategies.

Our Crushing Burden of Debt

The author is right; we have such a crushing burden. And he is right too to say that a way out is a balanced budget. But you know in the 1940s the debt reached 109% of the GDP in the aftermath of World War II and even much of the 1950s. We don't remember that period as troublesome, economically speaking. In fact overall it was a period of robust market and economic growth.

The Debt Snowball Method for Reducing Debt

This is the best review I have read on the Debt Snowball method of paying off one's debts. I am with the author when it comes to his opinion of this method not being the best. For one thing, the debt load is increasing because of the high interest rate as the debt that incurs this will be ignored in the meantime except for paying the minimum due each month. The 80% behavior will come into play then in a negative way.

Or you can check this out: Everything You Know Is Wrong! About Being Debt Free That Is!! And It Will Keep You In Debt The Rest Of Your Life!

Preventing Future Debt Crises in Europe

Here's a solution that could work. Pooling the debt into European bonds will motivate the countries to keep their debt to no more than 60% of the GDP. Since the bonds will be categorized as blue for those debts within the 60% of GDP and others that go over will be color coded red, then this may be an incentive for the countries to live within their means for the blue bonds will have a better interest rate.

Investors could help too because they will be more prudent in taking on the red bonds and will scrutinize them more diligently. So where do we invest our money? Blue bonds? Red bonds? Wait, before you do so, read this first: Income Investing Secrets System.

Uncle Sam's Debt Load

I know that the heated debate has all but killed the most sweeping political initiatives but despite the discussions the health reform survived. The political action may be moderating now but the rhetorical intensity will persist and could even grow. So the comparison between the Greek and US debt is not valid, I think.

Bill Clinton Woos Donors on Wife’s Debt

I would love to contribute and get the chance to spend time with Bill Clinton because I believe in what Hillary does for the country but I did not receive that letter the author said Bill sent to the contributors. Unless that letter is addressed to all, but how does one know this? Everything is automated these days; no one seems to get personal except perhaps in Facebook.

Debt Woes? Property Vets Want to Work It Out

These property vets might be able to pull it off. It is this type of people who should contribute to President Obama's Economic Committee that is trying to solve the problems the country is mired in right now. Hopefully, Mr. Ranieri's firm will succeed in lining up backers that will help the borrowers in need of funding.

Fed Intervenes in European Debt Crisis

Phew! Am I glad the US stepped in or the stock market could keep on bleeding. Every enterprise is really global now; if one sneezes, everyone else catches a cold. And the US is still the leader. Without the US intervention, I hate to think we may all go down the hole.

Aspirant Touts Debt Reduction

I am glad Wilson is working on solutions to solve the debt dilemma in the country. The only thing I do not agree is if we ever have to get away with the health reform that has just been passed. I believe every American has to be looked after when they get sick instead of having to go bankrupt. What has got to be done is to increase surveillance to make sure the money spent for health care really goes to health care and not to scammers out there.

Consumer Debt Rose Unexpectedly in March

The rise in the consumer debt got me concerned although the credit card debt has still gone down. What concerns me is that this may derail the little progress we are seeing in the economy. It may be good news in the sense that the consumers may be getting more confident but I just hope they are doing it the right way. This might help: Clear Your Negative Money Beliefs Right Away With This Amazing, Multi-media Package. Audios, Videos, And Booklets To Help You Identify The Issues Holding You Back, And Then Using Emotional Freedom Technique, 'tap' Away The Limiting Beliefs

"The Current Government Debt Bubble is the Last of all Possible Bubbles."

I like this article because it tells the story the way it really is. But I am glad not to be involved in trying to find a solution to the problems they have in Europe. It is not easy to time things perfectly for one thing and whatever action planned is very precarious and appears to be impossible to execute.

US Economic Data Takes Backseat To European Debt Crisis

This is an excellent site to go to in order to find out which stocks are on the upward trend and which ones are on the way down. There's also the link to EFT and Index trading that one should be on the look out for before diving in to invest.

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Minimize Your Student Loan Debt

This is good advice not only for law students but for the rest of college students. Living like a student and not one who has already graduated and with a job, creating a budget, bringing your own lunch, getting a job for 5 to 10 hours a week will all help minimize the debt.

Learn how to get out of debt forever and unlock the secrets to financial freedom from a 40-year veteran of the banking and credit industry.

Is Debt Ratio Important?

Paying attention to the debt to income ratio can help one get approved for loan application but there are some things to check out first. Some lenders for instance do not use this in the calculations when trying to assess whether the loan application will be approved or not. Then there is the ten payment rule that applies only to installment loans. If you have less than ten payments remaining, the lender could see you debt to income ratio greatly improved.

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Shared Sacrifices Will Solve the Debt Crisis

I really like this article because it tells the story the way it really is. From the cause of the debt dilemma we are facing now: the tax cuts, the war, and the bailout and to the sacrifices to be made, it is wise to listen to this voice of reason, pull up our socks and get to work getting rid of the personal agenda that will stand in the way of solutions to the problem.

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Governments Can Go Broke. Guess Who Picks up the Pieces.

Hmm, this is scary thought but I see the point. If the government goes broke, we pick up the pieces because we are the government. We just elect the people who run it. But I am not going to worry about it that much because the story on the government going broke is an old one. I remember stories of it going broke two decades ago and it is still standing tall. The author is right though. If the government sinks, we all sink with it because we are in the same boat.

If you want, you can read this book where the authors unequivocally state that it will shift the reality of everything you have believed regarding the government, money, property, and rights.

How Debt Affects Your Health

Now that the effect of debt on one's health is spelled out so clearly, perhaps we have learned a valuable lesson from this. All that unnecessary buying of things and the feeling of thrill over the purchases that just lasts a day or two is not worth it if one's health suffers for a lifetime from it.

If you want to know someone else's perspective on debt, read Everything You Know Is Wrong! About Being Debt Free That Is!! And It Will Keep You In Debt The Rest Of Your Life!

How Debt Settlement Can Impact Your Financial Future

This is an excellent article on debt settlement. It is wise for those who are contemplating on going through a debt settlement company to read and digest what is written in this article as it will help put them on the right track. The bottom line is that this is not the be-all and the end-all of the debt dilemma if the issues behind the problem are not addressed.

Here's a thought. Why not do it yourself instead? There are people who have done it and are better for it. This way you are not letting people take advantage of you. Try and see if you could learn the simple secrets that could save you thousands of dollars at Do It Yourself Debt Settlement.

More Debt Pressure on Europe…and US Business

It makes sense that despite the rising US dollar against the Euro, still there is problem lurking behind the scenes. Of course the US exports to Europe will be greatly affected by the debt situation in Europe. Perhaps though with the debt in Spain still less 60% of her GDP, there is hope that we will all survive this crisis.

Report: Debt After Graduation $30,000

Those debt figures are indeed troublesome and will pose as quite a challenge for the new graduates especially with the job market the way it is. They are going to have the responsibility of overseeing this in addition to trying to get a job. Going about the business of managing both and juggling figures will be more difficult than the preparations for the exams these grads took.

College Debt: 12 Facts About Student Loan Borrowers

These twelve facts on college debt could help one put the idea of borrowing for college in perspective. It would help one realize the ramifications of how a type of loan could impact his financial well-being in the years to come. One should look at the bottom line advice and stick to it.

Be Wary of Credit Card Debt Settlement Offers - Prepare a Plan to Cut Debt This is no longer clickable as the news provider already erased the link to this.

This article could save one thousands of dollars in trying to settle one's debts. The story about Nicole Buchanan, recently divorced with two children and around $55,000 in debt moved me. Her determination and guts in dealing with her creditors helped solve her problem and got her on track. Listen to her advice and watch the alerts in the article. It's too bad the news provider already erased the link to this.

Money Makeover: In Debt After College

Here's a money makeover that could work for any college graduate who traded debts for a degree. This one is lucky having landed a job in her field. Despite this, there is still concern about handling money for this college graduate who works hard and lives within her means does not have much left at the end of the month. Thank you for the recommendation; I think it is going to work.

Don't Settle for Debt Settlement Companies

Thank you for this excellent article that will help one realize the better way to do it is to do it yourself. There is even a link at the end of the post on how to do this. Nowadays when GAO has seen a flurry of debt settlement companies that are not in compliance with the rules, this post has arrived just in time.

Debt-Settlement Firms Misled Consumers, GAO Report Says

I am glad the government is stepping right in to insure the consumers' rights are protected. Many have to watch out for these scammers who masquerade to be what they are not. If found guilty, the penalties should be stiff enough in order to discourage other companies from stepping right in to do the same.

Which of the 4 Types of Debt-Help Companies is Right For You?

Follow this advice and you will be able to make the right decision as to how to pay off your debt in the best way possible. For one thing, the four different ways of doing it are explained in a clear and concise manner. Then there is the parting advice that I like a lot. One has to address the issues like that of overspending or the credit will be run up again.

How Does a Debt to Income Ratio Affect Mortgages and Home Loans?

Suite 101 did it again with this excellent article. Your choices of articles are incredible. Your teaching on how to calculate the debt to income ratio plus the suggestions on how to improve it is a financial combo worthy of attention before borrowing money.

4 Deceptive Debt Settlement Claims

This is an important article that all those contemplating on settling their debts should read and study so they can avoid going into a deeper hole. It is also good to remember that we know more than other people do about our own situation so claims that say they will handle everything is outrageous.

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

I thank the author for listing down the different ways one can implement in order to avoid living from pay check to pay check. Most notably is to create a budget. Without one, the spending could be so out of line that could lead one to such huge debt that may become overwhelming. Thus the door for the need to have debt consolidation is left open. But after this, without a budget, it will be back to living from pay check to pay check.

No-loan College Financing Helps Students Meet Needs

Students will love to know these no-loans policies which will help them get their education without significant debt. There are four kinds that the students can take advantage of. Rice University is one that does so even with families earning more than $80,000. Rice will grant only $2500 a year but if they qualify for more then the extra grant is in the form of institutional aid.

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