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Debt assistance_1 will show how some companies are not there to help but to take advantage of people. Some will take advantage of those who are desperate. They will take their money and literally run. How can they do this? By not sending the money they take to the creditors, that's how. Want to know the warning signs? Read on.

Some companies will promise the moon like cleaning up the credit report. Nobody can do this because anyone who has failed to pay the bill or has been late in the payment will have this fact on the credit report for up to seven years. The only thing that will clean up the credit report is the timely payment of the bills. No one company also can eliminate the debt rapidly.

The service fees charged monthly are high. Why is this a warning sign? Because the debt assistance companies charge only a small fee; the creditors who approve the repayment plan are the ones who pay them the fee. On top of this, the government gives them grant.

The government is not the only one who gives grants to non profit debt assistance_1 companies. They could also get grants from nonprofit organizations and private sector companies. They also hold activities in order to raise money for the work they do. That is why one has to do research before signing a contract.

Just how do we get hold of a good firm to help with this financial problem? Interview a few of them but don't sign up until you have checked the firm with the Better Business Bureau. But don't stop here because our experience with Better Business Bureau is that if the company does not have a record, they will not be able to say anything about it.

One will be better off checking the company with the state Attorney General. Then check to see of this so-called non-profit organization is a member of the NFCC (the National Foundation for Credit Counseling). Although they have their own seal, NFCC also can use the name Consumer Credit Counseling Service or CCCS.

It is also good to have the company belong to the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies and of the American Association of Debt Management Organizations. All these organizations in this paragraph and in the previous one have standards to follow.

Don't listen to promises that the credit will be repaired in no time at all because that is an empty promise. To become financially stable requires work, commitment and counseling. This could take years but it will be all worth it.

After finding a good organization to help you, keep paying the bills until the creditors have approved the management repayment plan. Call the creditors to make sure that they have approved the new agreement. Then keep calling them periodically if they are getting their payment on time.

Review the monthly statements to make sure all the benefits mentioned during the negotiation process are received like the interest rate that is supposed to be lower. Such is how to find a good company that will provide the best debt assistance_1.

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