College Loan Debt - Is There Another Way to Pay For College?

College loan debt is acceptable if taken out as minimal loans for schooling when in urgent need for money like for food and such basic necessity.  The better choice is to raise the funds needed some other way like going to state universities where the tuition is much lower.  Working is another way of raising money for college.

Another way of avoiding college loan debt is to work hard in high school so you will qualify for some scholarship or grants that will help fund your education.  In some cases parents shoulder the expenses but to totally depend on them is not always a good idea.  It is a good feeling when you help fund your education.

There are three reasons I can think of why parents should not pay for all their children’s education:
  • It will teach the children to have a sense of responsibility. It is more important to get as much as you can out of it if you are using your own money rather than think of it as a sense of entitlement. I know of one student who keeps going in and out of college because of this very reason.
  • Knowing it is your responsibility to put yourself through college will make you work harder in high school so you can get a scholarship. I know one who went to play sports and received a scholarship.
  • Paying for your own college education will help you develop good work ethics. You will work hard doing odd jobs to raise money for your education.

Every college or university has an office for student services.  There will be a list of job offerings there.  This is better than getting deep in college loan debt for right now, one in four college students leave school with a lot of debt.  Some even have to withdraw from school to be able to work to pay off the debt.  You do not want that for yourself. 

While in college some are lured into getting credit cards with a special gift of a t-shirt.  For some, that one t-shirt could balloon into a $25,000 debt.  So don’t be lured into something like that.  A free dinner could cost you the same.  Just think ahead on the day that the bill will come.  Ask yourself if you have money to pay for your bill.

So the question now is how to pay for college when you have no money.  Some are discussed above but let us have all the means in a nutshell:

  • Some work through college. After graduation, they look at their diploma with much pride knowing they got it through the sweat of their brow.
  • President Obama is such a believer in higher education he had his team work on a tax relief for this in the stimulus bill. This is worth $2500 for tuition paid in 2009 and is also available next year.
  • There is financial aid found in federal subsidy programs and grants that you can find in the college and university’s admission office.
  • There is of course scholarship available where you can check in the internet and admission office as to where to apply for this. Check also with the local businesses and churches where they sometimes offer scholarship money.
  • There are available student loans to help for college expenses that incur low interest which you do not have to pay for until after graduation day.
  • There are also reimbursement programs that are offered by employers where they reimburse your tuition fees after finishing a semester with passing grades.
  • Then there are loans from the banks with good interest rates and repayment terms for those with good credit rating.

Check any of the above to see what best fits for you.  In fact, check as many as you can because you never know the availability of any of them.  There you have the ways to fund the university education without getting deep in college loan debt.

By Roger Guzman, M.D. and Evelyn Guzman

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