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How to make money online is not hard to understand except there are a lot of contradicting information all over the place. Thus the problem lies not on the understanding of the concept but on the filtering out of unnecessary information so one can stay focused on what matters most. It makes it worse especially so when there are quite a few scammers roaming around.

This article will focus on both these issues as one will not work when the other makes one to lose focus. For instance, there is the scam that despite one knows nothing and for no effort at all, success is just around the corner. When you come to think of it, this is really laughable because without the knowledge and skills, success will be a long time coming, if at all.

So let us concentrate on the first phase which is how to make money online. Some cannot believe that you can start a business and make money online without much cash outlay, that is if you are lucky not to be caught by unscrupulous characters who really give the legitimate ones a bad name. I'll explain it all right after this quick sponsor message...

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I will relate to you the procedure that most successful ones use although this is not the way I do things. You see, what I do is concentrate on content that will help people first. I know I don't earn money this way, but that is what my conscience tells me. Besides, I am lucky that I do not have to earn money from this but here’s the step by step procedure that some people employ:

Step 1 - Choose a Product

How do you choose a product? Well, at the start you may want to join an affiliate program. The easiest one to join is Clickbank. There you can find thousands of digital products you can promote online. And Clickbank pays as much as 75% for each sale. So if you sell a $50.00 ebook, you will get paid as much as $37.50 for your effort.

Step 2 - Do a Keyword Research

  • Once you pick a product, check it out at Google keyword tool to make sure the search demand for the name of the product has enough volume for you to make money online. Without enough search volume, the product may not be profitable. Go to Google Keyword Tool. to check out how many searches are there for the keyword in the affiliate product. The keyword should have more than a thousand demand for it.
  • The next thing one has to research is the number of competition for the particular keyword. Search for it in Google with quotes as an example "golf game". If the competition is below 30,000 then it is not too competitive.
  • Then we have to assess the strength of the top ten pages that appear on Google. If the there are authority sites on the top ten pages, then find another keyword that is less competitive.
  • We can now check the number of backlinks of the top ten pages. Go to Yahoo Site Explorer. and enter the URL of the top ten pages. Usually the number of backlinks should be about 100 but some may have only 50.

Those four requirements are necessary in order to pick a winning keyword. Then there will be a better chance at getting indexed and ranked high enough on the first page of Google. This way you will have the traffic you need to make money online.

Step 3 - Writing the Content

Now is the time to write a 500-word article that is of high quality. The keyword that passed muster from your research should appear in the first sentence, in the middle of the article, and towards the end. Submit it to article directories like Ezine Articles with your resource box at the end of the article.

Step 4 - Building Backlinks

Now you are ready to build backlinks to your article which is not an easy job. Some do not need backlinks to get high rating but others need quality ones. Some ways to do that is to post on forums and blogs with comments that are helpful and post answers to questions at Yahoo Answers and other similar venues and submit more articles.

Now let's go to the second issue which is how to avoid scam. There's the scam that says you don't have to know anything and do something to succeed. Avoid anything that is outrageous like this. Remember that these people are so sly that despite your having graduated Magna Cum Laude, being smart will not help protect you. For added protection you can subscribe free to ScamBusters.

When reading about a product, consider whether it is believable. Don't stop here. Investigate if the website has a way to contact them. Then visit the Better Business Bureau to see if they have a complaint against the company. When you are ready to purchase, make sure it is on a secure server and the web address starts with "https".

There you have all the information you need to earn money and to avoid scams. We have to keep the internet clean as it is an incredible help for everyone not only on any data we may need but also on how safely to make money online.

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