Day 1

Step 1 Pick a Hot Niche

How To Earn Money With Ten-Page Reports_1

Here are the most popular niches where you can get the most money, if you play it right:

Weight Loss
Home business
Marriage and Wedding
Personal Growth
Computer and Technology

Whatever you choose, try not to fall in love with it and end up doing nothing else but that. You have to spread your effort in the long run to give stability to your business, but not until you have marketed the first one till the last drop. So start with one until this is finished. Don't go off to different directions and end up with unfinished project left, right and center.

What to do is to research the market thoroughly before making a commitment. Oh, it works. Going off in different directions works to a certain degree but why do it that way when there is a better way that will produce greater outcome? So go and look for the markets to target.

Here's what some marketers commonly do. They choose a popular niche where customers are hungry for solutions. They then make a product that the customers want. They set up a website to sell the product. They promote this site through pay per click listings and Google Adwords. As soon as they make some money out of that, they rush off to find another market and repeat the process. Money can be made out of this plan but there is a better plan.

What is a better plan then? Well, there is another step you can insert before rushing off to another market. Do you know what that is? It's simple really, just create another product that is related to the market and sell that to the existing customers. They have already bought from you so instead of running to another niche and chasing after other customers, sell another related product first. It makes sense, doesn't it?

Just make sure that what you will be offering to the existing customers is a related product. Don't you think it's a good idea to find customers who will make repeated purchase from you? Say your niche is golf and your product is a report on How to Make the Perfect Swing. Don't you think they may also be interested in How to Make the Perfect Putt?

You have to leverage all your effort. For example, you have already a growing list. So why should you not use the same list to offer another related product to the same list? Instead of going off to another market and then start building another list to market to, you might as well sell another but related product to the list you already have.

Just so you won't get stuck, I will be able to help you choose your domain name. This way you will avoid the mistake I made. I was told it does not matter how long the domain name as long as I put hyphens and so I did. It was too late when I found out that some directories will not accept a long domain name. There are other rules that I wish I knew.

Next time, we will still be on Day 1 but will show you Step 2.